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Bless you, Luxbey, you SOUND like a beginner! Not in any way diminishing you, but simply acknowledging I see in you many of the trepeditions I had in my early days - fear of being laughed at (or worse, rejected outright!), reluctant to reveal too much of my hopes, my desires, that kind of thing. So, I have this to say to you … Breathe, Luxbey, relax. This is a safe place to sit awhile and visit with Kin. We don’t care that you’re new to this, except to be excited for you. You don’t hafta go all out and bare your Soul, but let us get a sense of how we might uplift you. If you’re looking for a reason to trust us, then my suggestion is just this: browse through several different headings in the home forum; choose a few and read the entire page - see how we interact with each other. You will see the occasional ribald joke, you will see challenges to ideas, you will see agreements and you will see very lively debates. But you will also see things like encouragement, support, respect and great love of the crafts in all their diversity. So go look around, take a breath and then come back to us with a little more trust.


i think we have all been there i myself was nearly disowned by my family for what i believed and practiced but you just have to “stick to your guns” and eventually people will accept you for who you are


And if they don’t… their loss


this is a great site and with all the material there will always be something to learn…heck, I’m 140 years old, and I am just a beginner and learning…so you and I can learn together.