Beginning with the Path of Smoke

As I have received my copy of the Black Magick of Ahriman on the 24th of January, I felt it would be best to mark the occasion with a post.

I’ve begun reading through, feeling it was best to go cover to cover before scattering off to gather materials or jumping into workings (happened to come across today a post by the man himself indicating that cover to cover first was a good approach, so bonus).
I will admit that the night I received the book I had attempted to consecrate and blood page 121, which I feel was successful. This book has such a beautiful subtle feel to it, and the static like charge flowing through the pages is so strong that I feel as if I need to take small breaks to settle and absorb that is presented.

I feel as if I will be able to create a nexion of infernal power without too much difficulty. I’ve located a landmark museum within reasonable distance that’s been struck by lightning a few years ago if need be, although where many have had strikes occur after beginning to gather the pieces… we’ll call that a backup plan.

Without going into detail about the book itself, while I was reading the introductory pieces (in particular once I reached the first mention of Zohak and his transformation) I was strongly reminded of an event that happened when I was still young and in high school.

I had discovered energy manipulation and basic meditation styles after my grandfather passed. Over time I reached out to a few of my friends about it and found that one could see spirits and another could see auras. At first it seemed like we might be able to start studying together, but things became strange. There was a lot of talk by one individual about evil spirits forming up to hurt us and similar things I’d now know better about. There was a falling out of a sorts after a few events, one in particular was the one I wanted to mention.

I had a dream that could have been lucid or astral travel. I was in a place like an old railway yard in a desert. There were many younger people there practicing the sort of energy moves you’d expect to see in anime or dreams. After participating for a while the sky darkened and something came through that looked like an immense black serpent. I heard somebody state “The Blacksnake is alive, it’s moving around” or similar (bearing in mind it’s been over a decade since then).

A day or two went by, and I had another dream. This one I was buried alive under a writing mass of snakes. They were biting along my chest, sides, and under my navel. No other places.
When I woke I could still feel the places I had been bitten, the very marks of their teeth and venom burning my skin in paired points for about a week afterwards.

As I think back and contemplate the pages I’ve read so far, I feel as if Ahriman’s essence has been connected to my life for a long time. If his noxious creatures can initiate the awakening from the passive slumber of the god of light, then perhaps it truly was his bite that found me that night.

As synchronicity begin to appear and occurrences snare my attention, I would like to update and keep anyone interested in the loop. I’ve felt books that give off a charge before, but there is a sense of welcome and excitement that holding this book brings. There is truly an awe inspiring force channeling through it’s pages.


It’s been quite some time since my first post. I took a fair bit of time to carefully read through the text and create my circle of counter creation. I began preforming the Ignition of the Black Sun on the 18th of February in my room/temple (unfortunately no other appropriate space).

Reciting the Rawnuha feels like my body emanates power, finishing it feels like power is flowing through my mouth to suffuse the surrounding area. Once it’s complete the mandala seems to activate and respond.

Until today I’ve been preforming the Ignition inside out of necessity (I live in Canada and the weather has been frostbite worthy). It was warm enough that I felt I could manage. The most private place with a proper view was down by the bay, standing in the semi-frozen mud surrounded by ice and stone.
The Rawnuha didn’t have as much of an impact because I didn’t bring my mandala. But it still felt as if it set the stage. The wind and cold underfoot and against other bare skin was a bit of a distraction, but not as much as I thought it would be. I found it harder to focus on the imagery of the Div, but the connection was still there.
Turning and being able to absorb about 20 seconds or so of sunlight on the surface doesn’t seem to be much. But after walking back to the car and getting the feeling back in my extremities… I don’t think there could be a fair comparison to preforming the Ignition without sunlight to absorb and with sunlight. The strength of the sensation is vastly different, it is far more physically energizing as well.

Today would be the 12th consecutive Ignition of the Black Sun I’ve done. I hope it swiftly warms so I can continue absorbing sunlight. It certainly is worth it.

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