Beginning the 'Darkness Meditation' from WoD

For a handful of reasons I’ve decided the timing is right to start on the very first meditation from Works of Darkness, the ‘introduction to the darkness’ if you will. While I’m certainly not new to darkness magickal or otherwise, I have made a point of maintaining a certain distance to avoid what I saw in others as an unfortunate need to over-emphasize ‘Darkness’ just to prove something or other, where I felt (and more or less still feel) darkness to be, like light, a -tool- to be used for its purpose, but not allowed to upset my balance of ‘personal sovereignty’.

Meh, whatever, there’s a time for everything and I believe right now the time is right for me to do this thing, for my own reasons. One I will tell you, full of hubris though it might be (and what black magician doesn’t have rather Titanic sympathies?), is to test my own strength against another strength. Not to challenge ‘the darkness’ exactly, but to immerse myself in it and either emerge again or justifiably perish. Although the hoped-for continuation of directed personal change -does- imply both!

In this thread I’ll document anything of note that crops up during this working, for the benefit of anyone curious (and my own, writing is great for organizing the thoughts and I’m much faster at typing than handwriting these days). I will do my best to update this regularly while this is ongoing, although I have no idea how far ‘down the rabbit-hole’ I will be going, and thus how reliably I can expect to behave in the next few weeks. But I’ll do my best, for anyone who will want to read this!

The following is what sticks out to me about my meditation last night:

I decided to commit to performing this same beginning meditation every night for a week before I decided how I wanted to alter the pace and type of this work. I also consciously made the commitment to performing this nightly exercise at the midnight hour, and not to cheat by getting home from work, sleeping until midnight, waking up, meditating, and going back to sleep. This is a deliberate sacrifice (sacrum facere) when my sleep hours during the week are already at a premium, and even when doing other things the pre-ritual hours where the acts to come are building energy in the back of my mind have proved to add a lot of power to my works in the past. So any extra napping I squeeze in during the next few weeks will be during my lunch hour, and that seems very appropriate considering the nature of this operation. If I become very sleep-deprived, I feel like that can only add to what I get out of this - what’s a little danger, after all? And what does hubris even mean?

When the appointed hour came, I turned off every light in the house and made my way (carefully for the sake of my toes) to the little closet-sized room adjoining my bedroom that I use for certain ritual acts. The armless chair specified seemed like it would take up too much room and also not be ‘right’ in my particular instance this time, so I knelt on the cool floor instead. Facing south as the grimoire specified, this found me facing the lone window of the “room”. It was the kind with intentionally opaque, “rippled” glass that lets in light without allowing vision through to either side, and the faint glow of moonlight and the constantly moving shadows of bare branches in the wind completed my otherwise cold, bare little room.

I performed the initial relaxation meditation to clear out tension and negativity swiftly and efficiently (all that practice with the basics does pay off you know), then began the main thrust of the operation.

First I continued focussing on my breathing, and both awareness of and “oneness with” my surroundings. Through this I reached a natural point where I began seeking to become aware of the ‘Darkness’ written about.

Eyes closed (for concentration and still sporadic clairvoyance) I visualized it clinging to the surfaces around me, moving sinuously in place and then rushing against me and back again with every breath. This was just visualization, just active imagination, and I was prepared for it to take perhaps a few nights of repetition before it became anything else.

But when, focussing on my breath and the accompanying movement of the shadow-visualization, I felt the familiar “drop through the floor” sensation that EA has described excellently as like “falling through rings of reality”, I found my eyes opening - and there in the moonlight, deeper and much darker than the shadows of the trees dancing around the pane, were before my -physical- eyes the autonomously moving “waves” of Darkness much more solid and concrete than even in my own prior imagination!

Now with my eyes open I continued the operation, no longer visualizing but observing. It was…intimate. Not in terms of sexual energy, just that the darkness seemed to enmesh itself so close to me as to be pretty much a part of me. I had honestly expected this to be very disturbing, or claustrophobic, or terrifying. I had night terrors as a wee one and every once in awhile I still have epic nightmares in between my ‘crazy spells’. But I really did not feel any negativity in this, I was just completely immersed in the experience and did not feel threatened at all. From EA’s description I’m going to stay watchful for any signs of unease or fear but so far it’s been very surprising in that regard. I had to do a lot of steeling myself up for this, considering a few of my own demons whose mere existence had helped me decide to “walk through the fire” in this case. It’s possible that guardians of mine are shielding me from what they would view as negative consequences, which I’ll have to discuss with them; or it could be that the intensity of the darkness will pick up as this progresses; or maybe another reason entirely.

After some time of engaging in this ‘communion’ with the darkness, I ended the meditation and exited the chamber to immediately go to sleep.

I had a dream that I was on a wooden sailing ship, like a 16th-century Spanish or Portugese galleon. I was making haste to sail over the horizon to new lands that were callings, and crossing into a very dark patch of water I leaned over the railing and looked in, watching my dark reflection for a bit before leaving to go take care of something or other. “I” had left the scene by this point, but in the dream I was able to impartially observe outside my “character” that after “I” walked away, my reflection remained in that water - and then began to move on its own, changing to not be a black reflection but brightly coloured in intricate geometric patterns and very much a -seperate- and inhuman intelligence that had been given life by my observing it even when “I” didn’t immediately recognize it for what it was. Observing this in the dream I did find myself somewhat disturbed, not from danger but just from the extreme -strangeness- of how this was portrayed in the dream.

From there the dream shifted to me looking through old family heirlooms and mementoes at my great-grandparents’ old house with the anticipation of uncovering some very important secret, but I’m not -sure- that one was related to the meditation. Of the first one though, I’m just certain.

So waking up less than five hours later this morning, I actually didn’t feel all that tired. In fact, walking through the cold early morning under the same moon the memory of the closeness of that darkness was somehow -comforting-, of all possible things! I’m still stumped on that one. All through the morning my thoughts were on the peculiar way the darkness moved and trying to guess what made it move, and what it made move. My thoughts veered heavily toward considering ‘Fate’ and causality.

Through the day the ‘near’ feeling of the darkness faded, probably through a combination of daylight and becoming involved in the day-to-day at work, but this evening back at the house while slipping into a meditation to consecrate my food the darkness was there, like it was waiting for me. I still don’t feel threatened by this, so I’m going to see where it goes.

If you’ve already performed this working or have been thinking about it, don’t be shy about chiming in, and hopefully tomorrow I’ll be typing up something interesting about tonight!

Thanks for reading if you did,


EDIT - On that last note I will be sure to try another innocuous meditation some time at work tomorrow to see whether it is ‘following’ me, or just localized in my house


I just started this meditation myself a couple days ago. I don’t have a set time for it, and have been doing it a couple times a day, both during daytime and at night. It does seem easier in darkness, but that may be due more to my expectations than to any attribute of the Darkness itself.

I also did not feel any sense of dread or fear. I have not had any spectacular visuals, but I have heard, every time, a chorus of whispers. I can’t (yet) make out what is being said, but they are seductive in tone and in the feelings they arouse in me, like a desired lover calling me to bed.

I also get a sense of protectiveness from the shadows, a rather feminine “mess with what I love and see what happens” vibe. I wonder if that lines up with the feeling of comfort you’re talking about?

I actually forgot to mention it in the last post, but I did indeed pay attention last time for the sounds of the darkness alluded to in WoD. Now, while visualizing with my imagination in the early part of the working, there was a kind of very subdued ambient background not dissimilar to a faint wind moving through icy boughs. When I got to that moment where I dropped fully ‘into it’ and opened my eyes to -actually- see the darkness with my physical eyes, though, that sound went immediately away - for me, the experience was actually marked by nearly tangible silence. But it wasn’t that simple: I didn’t hear anything per se, but I definitely felt like there was something being said (and received, subliminally) that I just couldn’t consciously register, like a pitch too low to hear but whose frequency still affects you even in your ignorance.

As far as protectiveness, it strikes me differently, personally. I haven’t gotten a ‘feminine’ sense from it at this point, or anything remotely like an ‘individual’, ‘organism’, ‘personality’, or ‘entity’, and I certainly don’t feel qualified to accredit it with ‘love’, at least not yet. I’m convinced it’s intelligent. It’s undeniably purposeful, whether conscious or not. But right now my -personal- experiences (all two of them, I know lol) have me running on viewing it as…an omnipresence? It’s everywhere all the time, whether acknowledged or not. But anything deeper…well I’m not yet qualified to say.

I can’t even explain why exactly I described immersion in its presence as “comforting”. I suppose because it has always been there, intimately intermeshed through the black, empty spaces between and within my every atom, and everything else, but it’s beyond mere morals or petty purpose. Whatever its purpose is, it’s something much greater and that gives it a great dignity in my eyes. Becoming more conscious of this omnipresent darkness, I believe then, has made me feel more conscious about the entire universe around me, and more knowledgeabe, more powerful. So there haha. But very interesting how it’s come across to you, great stuff to hear.

Last night went much as before, but the transition from the opening meditation guided by imagination into the heart of the experience was -much- more sudden, just like flicking off a light switch in order to see what’s -really- there. This time the darkness was -much- more active as well. It had moved before, yes, but last night it roiled like a hurricane about to boil out of its gumbo pot. The first time it had been content to cling closely against my skin and through the air I breathed into my lungs, retreated with each exhalation only to return again. This time, though, even as it clung to the surface of my skin tendrils of it moved intangibly -through- me, and I can only echo the phrasing of earlier about passing through the spaces within and between the very atoms of my composition, whirling through immense gulfs that are proportionally of a cosmic scale.

The first night the darkness was utterly, light-swallowingly black, like an inky cloud of…yeah I’m going to stop trying to be a writer now that I catch myself (this happens when I drink whiskey and type). It was completely black. Last night, though, my vision during this state perceived myriads of little luminescent points withing the darkness connected by lines (they were pretty much all straight lines for whatever reason, and they would -appear- curved because of the strange way this presence of darkness moved). This was not light. I knew that the darkness was just as wholly black as I had perceived it the night before. But my senses picked up on something, and -translated- this understanding of whatever it was into that visual image, if you follow me.

Once again I endured this slightly disturbing level of intimacy with just how close this darkness was revealed to be to me. I also feel that the first meditation revealed the darkness as it always is, and I merely began to notice it. I believe though that by my meditation last night, the darkness was behaving and I was perceiving it differently because it was -reacting-. It had noticed me, too!

After the meditation I went to sleep, had a dream about getting out of the military, attending to family affairs, and consolidating resources back home for the next goals to come - and then woke up at some point in the early morning, and I failed to note the exact time.

But looking around me I saw that the darkness was there in force all around me, completely untranced as I was bit visible nonethless (granted, I had just awoken from dream). This time, I could actually hear it for the first time! I never made anything out, or even whether it was speaking a language I consciously knew, but it was definitely saying something! Soft whispers, washing over one another like sussurating waves in an opiate tide, and for whatever reason I was not freaked out in the slightest. And Arkhilokus, what you said about having a seductive tone, like a lover calling you to bed, fits this exactly! Not an overtly sexual energy, but the -tone- was that exactly! I know precisely what you mean.

I will only add that thoughts of the darkness were no more present in my thoughts through work today than they were the day before, so I have not yet reached the -obsessive- level of immersion I’m aiming for before taking this to the next level. But I did undergo that test meditation when I had a moment over lunch, and almost immediately the darkness did come. I was a little silly to propose that it might have ‘followed’ me when I posted yesterday, because now I realize that it is and probably always has been -everywhere-, but I guess that realization is always going to be with me now. Still. I’ll be damned if its appearance this afternoon didn’t somehow give me the feel of -recognition- on its part. Hm.

Well, I’ll keep this up as much as I’m able, it’s actually much easier to do it this way than to try and motivate myself for trying to put into words something that happened some time ago the way I was doing with my Nordic stuff. Take care everyone, I’ve got a couple of things to take care of before it’s time to stare into the abyss once more!

That makes sense. I wonder if my devotions to Hekate may be coloring my experiences - She has certainly presented Herself as being in some way an emanation or manifestation of the Darkness, so that may be why I’m getting such a strong feminine feel from this particular meditation.

Very interesting. This evening I had a strong visualization of the Darkness as a kind of inky gel, sort of like (going into geek mode a bit) the stuff that surrounded the humans in the Matrix holding tanks, or Luke in the Bacta Tank in the end of the Empire Strikes Back. It was also noticeably cool to the touch, and I was able to verify that my skin was physically cooler. It was a bit clammy, but not unpleasantly so - more like the feel of a damp, cool rag on the back of your neck after doing some hard work on a hot day. Anyway, in this viscous gel I also “saw” little spots much like what your describing, bit without any lines connecting them.

Nice. It’s interesting that we’re getting some similarity of experience, as well as difference!

The other thing I noticed tonight is that, opening my eyes during the meditation, and well after my eyes had adjusted to the ambient light (I have very good night vision, and can see fairly clearly with just the lights from my laptop and printer’s power indicator), I noticed that the light visibly decreased, like a cloud had descended into the room and was dimming, though not blocking, the visible light. Nifty!

Night before last it definitely started picking up the pace. When I had gotten well into my initial meditation I suddenly for whatever reason shot my eyes wide open, and felt something “touch” my “forehead”. I put those words in quotation marks because it wasn’t a physical sensation and it wasn’t even that physical location, it was like an energetic connexion between one point (the omnipresent darkness) and another (the “energetic current” that was somehow tied to the locality around my forehead, but in an “inner” sense). It wasn’t invasive or threatening, but it did shock me to my core I have to admit, that particular next step on the darkness’ part brought me out of trance and I had to shake myself, stay balanced, and go back “into it” with the hairs on the back of my neck still standing up!

I haven’t really done chakra work (still coming to terms with the new ageyness I guess) so I can’t venture to say whether that was what was touched by the darkness. I can say that several years ago before I committed to the magical path I had a vision where a spiritual entity touched me on the forehead, and it carried a profound sense of initiation.

It was kind of hard to stay unperturbed after this happened but I continued the meditation that night. Afterwards, even leaving the ritual space and lying in bed completely out of the trance state I was keenly aware of the darkness’ continued presence, and desire to interact with me. This continued awareness has stayed with me more during the days as well lately, so I’m definitely getting somewhere.

Another note is that during other small meditations that were my routine before starting this (that were mainly focussed on imagery of light), the darkness is now permanently present in a tangible way. This does not stop my light imagery, very interestingly, but I do see it in a different way. Before, all I was cognizant of was the felt and envisioned light, that at first I drew from the environment and later tried my hand at “creating”. Now, I know it’s the same light but I see it as emanating “from” the darkness in a strange way. It’s no longer a golden colour but a kind of ghostly silver that’s more like an impression translated as a colour (the exact same “colour” in fact as the points and lines I observed in the darkness itself). And, even though I still consciously manifest it for my purposes, I see a bigger picture now that it is the chaotic nature of this fluctuation omnipresent darkness that provides the Possibility of this light coming into being, on strange levels that I won’t pretend to really understand.

Last night I hadn’t even fully settled into position to begin the meditation when the ‘switch’ in my head clicked and I was fully seeing and experiencing the darkness like the deepest part of my earlier trances, and I just sank deeper. I believe whatever that ‘touching of my head’ was earlier established a much stronger link between it and myself.

As far as relevant dreams lately, I’ll keep the details to myself but now they tend to focus on ploughing doggedly through unpleasantness past, present, and future, having the toughness and stubbornness to let my obstacles “tire themselves out”, as it were. Funnily enough, the increasingly -extreme- closeness of this quickly escalating darkness is portrayed as one such ‘unpleasantness’, by itself! Appropriate, and strengthening. Sacrifice - how much are you willing to bleed for what you seek?

One more note before I cut this rambling short:

On the first day especially, and the next one after that, I left the meditation and met the days with, contrary to expectation, a quite vibrant attitude of braving the darkness and emerging ready for more, more confrontation, more to endure, more to test myself against. Now that the level of contact has increased, I feel more like my instincts are leading me to “settle in”, like for a campaign of attrition. I know I portray this darkness as something to struggle against, so why deal with it? It’s also something to learn from - for me at least, this is how it teaches. You learn from it, and you deserve your new knowledge by keeping your head above water.

Like a lot in magic or nearly anything else, I think you will get out of this in proportion to what you put in and what you seek and who you are/are becoming. This can be a baby step for a beginner, and/or a needed eye-opener for someone who’s done at least a couple of things here and there. This works, just keep in mind what I said about keeping your head above water.

I know this is a bit disjointed and less easy to understand, so I do hope there’s something useful in all that.

Hope to have more when and as I can,

Very interesting - it certainly sounds like there was a connection made between the Darkness and your Ajna chakra. Perhaps to help bring it into the material world in a stronger way?

I myself moved on to the second exercise tonight, whereby you feel the Darkness increasing in strength and moving into you with each exhalation. After a couple rounds of breathing, I felt a strong sensation of the concentrated Darkness saturating my bones, until they felt (and looked, to my visualization) like polished obsidian. At that point they seemed to radiate Darkness - not far, perhaps about 6" from my skin. There didn’t feel or seem to be any change in the rest of my flesh, although there was a feeling and visualization of the energy in my chakras changing into a dark smoke, the kind you get when you burn tires. I could see the chakras like globes slowly filling up with the smoke, although I got the impression that the light-based energy in them was being transformed into the smokey darkness.

Near the end of the exercise, I quite suddenly saw the room become translucent, and saw the manifest world floating in a dark sea. It was like looking down through a glass floor and seeing the roiling Darkness below. I also felt and saw a “ray” of darkness shoot from the base of my spine and down into the sea below. I had a strong sensation of being a sort of living gateway for the darkness. Even now, an hour or so later, I can still feel that sea rolling back and forth, and feel the darkness shining from my bones, though it is fading.

Whereas the last exercise seemed to be about perception, I really felt like this one was about increasing the presence and power of this Darkness energy, sort of like a Dark version of the Middle Pillar exercise.

That is awesome. I started the second excercise myself last night as a matter of fact, and though I didn’t have quite the impressive visions that you did, it was still quite the experience.

I was aware of the darkness around me growing thicker and thicker, suffusing my body with each inhalation, taking root with each exhalation, and oozing through the pores of my skin the whole time. It seemed to gravitate to the lower parts of my body first, working its way up as the meditation progressed and welling up particularly behind my eyes, like they were being filled up with the living, moving void. I perceived myself floating through an endless abyss of darkness with no sense of direction, but I too ended up with the strong conviction that these exercises are about turning the operator’s body into a kind of portal for the darkness.

I have noticed now that I have nigh boundless energy and luck during the hours of darkness; I haven’t been correspondingly drained or unlucky during the day, though. Also people encountering me at night now, whether strangers or known, react much differently, like on an instinctive level they know something is not normal (I would at least play the part before, haha!).

I’m eager to see where this goes. At first I viewed it as just a preliminary training exercise with which I could “pay my dues” and revisit the basics before moving on in Works of Darkness, but now I realize that this puts you in contact with an actual -current- that is very much alive - and it will -change- you. It can be easy to go too far in your confidence and rest easy on what you have already “figured out”, but if you are going to take this as far as you can, you have got to be ready for the next transformation.

Had a solid breakthrough last night that I’ll definitely share once I feel up to describing it. Kind of still coming out of it though - time to hibernate. I’ll edit this soonish.

So the latest permutation of this nightly practice involves states of being that it’s nigh impossible for me to describe with words, so I will do my best and just leave it at that.

I mentioned before the changes in the feel and imagery of my long-established meditations and little daily mini-rituals, the transforming context of the light that had characterized them before and how I was beginning to see the Darkness as a kind of ultimate Apeiron whose potentiality was able to give rise to the light I had perceived earlier.

Eventually, conscious of this and embodying the light and dark not even as two opposite or complementary forces, but as a Whole, something happened so suddenly and energetically that it made me think of an electrical circuit that has been completed: suddenly like a lightning bolt connecting earth and sky, a pillar of this light that now also embodied darkness seemed to flow through me from above and below at the same time, energy in two polarities meeting with my new realizations forming the necessary medium for their flow through me.

It’s at this point that I feel words are going to have less and less ability to communicate what’s been most important about all this, but I do thank those of you who took the time to read and let this account affect you, and Arkhilokus for the influence of your input.

I can only reiterate that these rites repeated have the capability to aid in sweeping changes in your perspective, practice, and even in your energetic make-up. When I’ve gotten myself some different coloured candles for the final part of the introductory workings from WoD, I’ll try to share what I can from that, too, assuming the gleanings from this don’t become less and less intelligible.

Please hit me up with any questions you might have about this as I’ll be happy to help - before moving on to what comes next, of course!


I’ve noticed that when I slip into this meditation lately, there comes a point where suddenly (even with my eyes closed) the area around the center of my forehead develops in my “vision” a perfectly round, even darker circle or “hole” from which Darkness “spills” into my inner vision. At first it was just darkness but lately I’ve been able to see things in it -very- clearly, like maybe my clairvoyance is finally starting to really take off! If it’s at night, sometimes I won’t even be meditating, I’ll just have a weird sensation emanating from the spot on my forehead where I was “touched” by the darkness, and I’ll begin seeing things with my eyes open and wide awake!

So far nothing that seems meaningful, and not yet controlled, but I have high hopes that this will continue to develop my abilities. So much for this just being an ‘introductory immersion’, haha. Just thought I’d share this.

The break I’ve taken from reporting here should not imply that I’ve stopped exploring this; I’ve just been wondering how much is going to be relevant to anyone who can’t relate to the awareness of and closeness to the darkness contacted in the earlier exercises. The final part of the introductory working is the sequential meditation on three different coloured candles: black, red, and violet - their symbolism touched on earlier in Works of Darkness and brought to life by the experiences of these meditations. I’m going to break this into smaller chunks of posts a candle at a time over the next few days as my time allows, but I do intend to share the parts that lend themselves to intelligible communication.

After preparing my ritual space with a small wooden board I rested against the south wall on three empty candle-holders, I made the triangle of candles as per WoD. Dropping into full awareness of the darkness, I noticed that the mood was much different, with the darkness more thickly gathered than ever and the extremely intense feeling of expectant -watching- on its part that had never been so pronounced. I view the darkness as a single totality, but to my vision that night in the ritual room I saw numerous separate shapes within it, somehow even darker than the profound blackness that was all around. They were mere outlines, like shadows being cast, humanoid in general shape but not human, completely alike to my observation but moving independently of one another. They moved and watched in silence, and as I reached out to ignite the black candle’s wick they all seemed to elongate tremendously, and flow into the flame as it sprang up.

Physically, the flame lit up the tiny room, but spiritually I was aware of the darkness just as strongly as ever. My gaze was drawn not to the golden orange of the outer flame but to the transparent center. Gazing through it, -into- it, I saw the same void I had become more aware of through the preceding weeks, with the same silvery-white occurences of some energy (it was like stars, Arkhilokus!). The outer flame around it provided the interaction with the world around, the feeding on fuel, the attachment and attention that kept this flame of consciousness alight on the slowly burning wick it temporarily inhabited, but gazing through the void at its heart I was able to see the world -within-. The world that can be harnessed when we enter the inner void, if you will. The flame began twisting and turning to the side and ‘spinning’ its ‘face’ around the wick in a strange dance, and I wish I could describe how this motion at that time intimated to me the possibility of manipulating the ‘chaos’ (potential) of the inner void to affect the attachment and awareness of others’ causal ‘flames’.

After some time of this I was only peripherally cognizant of the actual yellow flame and the lit-up room; the black void loomed larger and took up practically all of my awareness. I began to focus on absorbing the controlled chaos it depicted, visualizing it as black ‘rays’ being pulled into my eyes, which were themselves already full of the brimming dark energy of all the previous meditations to my ritual awareness. As this went on the tiny room seemed even more thronged with the silent, swaying, black apparitions that now re-emerged from the void they had flown to: conscious man’s watchers and shadows, often feared and willfully ignored, but always present.

As this energy was absorbed, it took the form in my mind’s eye of a small black flame in the center of my brain, and the changing to this colour somehow spoke to me of my being -conscious- of these things and taking these steps to take charge of my own reality and search for answers. I got the distinct feeling that mine was far from the only such black flame that burned within a human brain, and the potential for knowledge lurked latently within most, just waiting for the right fuel to bring it to life. So I continued to feed this flame. After some time, I had had about all I could stand, and I finally ended the working. But my ever-heightened awareness of the darkness and some of what lay within did not diminish until well after I was actually asleep.

Thanks for reading and humouring my belaboured writing style - it’s the only way I know to try and get some of these things across! As always, similar or differing experiences in these exercises are most welcome in the thread.

I noticed recently that this energy is very similar to the darkness that sweeps into ones inner vision during the Grand Invocation of the Pact.

Thank you for making that observation, Cogitation - to this date I am pact-free as far as this life goes, but that little tidbit can still prove momentous in meaning!

The next night saw me entering the temple again to replace the black candle with a red one. Once again I sank into perfect awareness of the surrounding dark, and though I could sense their presence I did not see the shadowy humanoid shapes of the night before. With the power I had absorbed and the closeness I had fostered before, I called out authoritatively for them to come forth and make themselves seen, and they did obey, but they seemed reluctant. Now I understand that their element is specific to that symbolized by the black candle’s flame, and they were indeed initially present for the red candle but were not -of- it. After coming to my call, they merely stood there all around, having come to my call but having their attention focussed on the unlit red candle.

Contrary to both their chaotic movements of the previous night and the raw wildness I was expecting from this one, the ‘shadow men’ stood quite still, and gave the impression of being ordered into neatly dressed ranks! They held utmost respect for what was about to come forth from the red candle’s flame, and also a tangible desire to quit their current state of presence in the room as soon as possible.

When I lit the red candle, the shadows around me fled away somewhere. I found myself instantly caught up not in the inner void but the bright outer flame: bright, red, hungry. I watched it dance to and fro and absolutely viewed it as a living thing, part of a great whole but also a specific, individual flame. It hungered to grow and rage unchecked, and darted about atop the wick like a beast on a chain. I watched it move, breathe, and feed, and I felt something of its hunger. Not a hunger to satisfy a lack, but more like in the sense of Desire.

If the flame of the black candle spoke of mortal existence arising from attachment, attention, credulity, then this flame sought to revel in the illusion and burn it away completely through lack of ability to satisfy its elemental passion. Enjoying rapaciously every single flavour of the grand illusion, and raging unchecked like a wildfire across existence. And I found myself becoming infected with this Desire.

Interestingly, while I was expecting this to take the form of wild, unbridled emotional energy, the extreme nature of this energy manifested in me chiefly in terms of -intensity-. I didn’t lose myself to an unchecked frenzy so much as become saturated in this flame’s Desire to dance upon the universe and consume it with the sheer passion for living and working Will.

As I took in the energy and power of this current, I found myself suffused with this Desire on a metaphysical scale, and the chief thing about this experience which eludes my ability to convey in words is, as the risk of reiterating needlessly, its -INTENSITY-.

By the time I had absorbed as much of this energy as I could remain coherent through, my whole being was completely partaking of the nature and desire of the little flame, and I remained reeling in my temple for some time after ending the meditation and blowing out the candle.

Sleep…was not really an option for a long while.

First the Black:

Excellent! I didn’t see the visual representation you did, but I had a vision of limitless galaxies and stars and planets waiting to be born as I gazed into the flame.

I also got an interesting feeling of coldness and order. The only analogy I can find to describe it is rigor mortis.

I have also often seen what I call shadows-within-shadows, but I’ve never made out any details beyond an occasional figure moving to and fro.

And then the Red:

Yes, that’s how I would put it. Pure desire and pure energy. Change for the sake of change.

I was surprised by this. There was something rather concentrated and one-pointed about the desire.

Heh. I did this just before I was planning to go to sleep. My dumb ass should’ve known better from EA’s description of the exercise! I think it took a little over two hours before I could lay down.

With both candles, I also got a sense of a scent in the air, different in each case, that I barely know how to describe. Both times it was like breathing in smoke. There was also a strong sense of an endless chasm of pure darkness when I meditated upon the black candle, and the inexhaustible furnace of the center of a star with the red.

By the way, if you haven’t already done so, try gazing at your reflection in a mirror in a dimly lit room, enter TGS, then do the second Darkness meditation. I found the results fascinating.

EDIT: Looking back, I think I would describe the black energy as being connected to Form, and the red to Energy. Perhaps this is how they relate to each other in ritual? The black energy creating a new Form, and the red energizing that Form into manifestation?

To me, towards the end it was most characterized by a grand sense of…Ambition. Not just diving into and lighting the world ablaze with the sheer passion for it all, but an ambitious Desire to act on and change the world on a level of passion and awareness that relates to the black flame’s apparent revelation of individual flames as metaphors for incarnate consciousness. But maybe that’s just my weird inflection of ultimate Desire lol.

With both candles, I also got a sense of a scent in the air, different in each case, that I barely know how to describe. Both times it was like breathing in smoke. There was also a strong sense of an endless chasm of pure darkness when I meditated upon the black candle, and the inexhaustible furnace of the center of a star with the red.

Actually, I know exactly what you mean! I don’t recall that strange extra sense with the black candle, but it was definitely present for the red and especially the violet.

By the way, if you haven't already done so, try gazing at your reflection in a mirror in a dimly lit room, enter TGS, then do the second Darkness meditation. I found the results fascinating.
I will definitely report back here once I have done that!
EDIT: Looking back, I think I would describe the black energy as being connected to Form, and the red to Energy. Perhaps this is how they relate to each other in ritual? The black energy creating a new Form, and the red energizing that Form into manifestation?

It’s possible. I haven’t seen that, or at least not in that kind of all-encompassing way on that kind of scale. I don’t know, but it certainly could be.

The purple candle was at the same time the subtlest, and I think the most profound.

Just like the other two candles, the mere preparation and mental commitment beforehand had already ‘set the stage’ in my ritual room before even lighting the wick. All around me I was aware of the now eager-seeming “shadow-men”, other flickering things that looked like isolated flames but I knew were living intelligences, and all in an enveloping background of these brilliant violet patterns that would appear, then fade, then appear once more seemingly at random. Eventually, I became convinced that I was actually in some way inside a vast violet flame, looking -out- from the void within, before the physical candle in front of me had even been lit.

Proceeding to actually light the final candle further convinced me of this, though it wasn’t concrete enough of a thing for me to be able to actually point out -why-. As I said, and Works of Darkness had said it would be, this violet candle’s experience was much more subtle and really left me wondering - in some ways, I still am.

I visualized the twin rays of violet light meeting in the candle’s combusting wick from above and below, and this solidified my understanding of drawing from both of these sources to the same end - and I continued to just observe and contemplate in the violet glow everything I had experienced in this string of meditations thus far. That was it - nothing blatant or outwardly impressive happened past that point. It just felt very important to take that time and let it all soak in, and I knew that even though I wasn’t aware of it, something important -was- happening during that time.

Finishing and blowing out the candle, I went to bed soon thereafter and dreamed very vivid and meaningful dreams, which were personal, but I will state the theme of following through a long familial destiny. Not necessarily magical, just having to do with ‘family business’ and important tasks that were ‘inherited’.

Well…here endeth the introduction to the darkness!

Just a quick update here for the curious-

In addition to my other activities, I’ve spent a lot of the time since the last post assembling ritual items for the temple I planned to construct. I’ve had plenty of other ways to go about those things that I wanted magical help with in the meantime, so I was sure to take the time to find the absolute -right- implements for this temple and these works, realising the kind of power I can draw from sheer enthusiasm for the Art of it. As Arkhilokus has said, maybe the real danger of the occult isn’t infernal damnation, but being doomed to the abyss of crafting!

Anyway, I went through the cleansing and re-dedicating of first the space and then the ritual implements as described in Works of Darkness last weekend, and then I wrapped everything up, left the temple, closed the door, and let it ‘stew’ while I put the whole matter ‘out of mind’ and attended to other things.

Well I will have to read ahead some in order to see if the rituals in the rest of the book match my goals enough to do a complete pathworking per se, but I have become very impressed with the power and viewpoint afforded by the works of darkness encountered so far.

Last night, I returned to my new temple for the first time since its dedication, with the intent of another meditation like the ones before, to bask in and ‘soak up’ the darkness again.

As soon as I set foot inside, I was immediately aware of the insane amount of dark energy that was swarming through the air, up and down the walls, through the floor and ceiling - no drop into relaxation necessary, no initial journey into an altered state of mind - it was inmistakeable, nearly like a solid force.

In fact, I’m a bit chagrined to say, for the longest time I actually failed to engage in the actual meditation - I just realised some minutes later that I was simply sitting on the floor, revelling in these energies that I had commanded to fill the place - but without resuming my ‘cool’ and doing what I had arrived to do. Not in a scary way, but in a nearly euphoric way, the sheer -presence- of this transformed place was overwhelming to me, and that in a completely lucid state of normal consciousness. I am personally convinced that any person not involved in such works or not welcomed into the temple by me would instead be confronted with stark, primal terror. Just a hunch, anyway.

So once I realised that I was too busy enjoying the energies of the place to have begun the damned meditation, it was an easy enough matter to let go of the normal mind, reach the place where I needed to be, and do what I had done in the same room before its consecration so many times before. And while nothing new manifested in terms of what happened during this bout, I can only say that the changes that had come over the temple magnified its effects tremendously!

That’s all for now, and I can’t say whether this will indeed turn into a true pathworking - I want it to, I have a definite hunger to take this farther, but I will just read ahead and make sure it is in line with the plan I’m already laying out for myself every day.

Whether I work through every ritual in the book or not, though, I can attest to the energies worked with thus far, and the things I’ve learned from this ‘introduction to the darkness’ will continue to inform my other works for some time to come.



Amen to that…

Sounds great though, thanks for the update. :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing this!