Beginning of Dantalion's work... ALL HAIL

Maybe a coincidence, maybe not. Yout tell me.

So a few days ago I asked Dantalion to bring my ex back to me. Not gonna go into details but I asked for a sign within three days. I meditated to a video of his sigil and the repetition of his enn over the course of that time. Today (the third day), my ex texted me out of the blue and said he had a dream about me. Within the dream, he said we were together, and a guy walked up and began a conversation with me and it made him super jealous. The way I see it, if he’s jealous, he still cares, or Dantalion is working to make things work out that way. We don’t talk often and right after he told me his dream he stopped texting me, but it’s a start! Even baby steps get you somewhere lol. I’m gonna continue to meditate and try to build a relationship with Dantalion. I may also try to work with other figures such as King Paimon later on when my communication skills increase. ALL HAIL DUKE DANTALION!!!

This also was my agreement to post about him on this forum if he did his part, which I know goetic demons don’t fail at their work. I hope it pleases him.


greattt ! but King Paimon doesn’t deal with LOVE issues so keep working with dantalion

King Paimon can bind anyone under your will and change their thoughts, so that’s more of a “when push comes to shove” option for me. That will be my last option, because I want the actual person, not a mummy of my ex who does whatever I want lol.