Beginning my works


I’m here because I want to a start to whatever may come for me in the future regarding the left hand path. I’ve already asked opinions about the runic system, but that’s more for my divination purposes.

Let me explain in what position I am right now. I’m already in contact with Azazel but I feel a need to grow further if I’m to lay first contact (on my own, my very actual first contact was guided through someone else) with him. I used to meditate with the attempts of opening my third eye when I was younger but I was rather impatient and expected results from the get go, which is something I’ve learned does not happen. Other then all that I’ve also do multiple simple candle spells that always worked out for me but that’s about it for experience.

What my question is, is what do I begin with? Evocation, divination or something else? I don’t want to just influence my life and make it better. I have this hunger that I want to claim my own destiny and change it to whatever I desire, disregarding of how it may affect others around me.

Before anyone says so, I don’t expect harry potter mumbo jumbo where candles light up around me with a blazing torch when I do something. I’m still realistic.

Thanks in advance!

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Well it depends on you. Get a book, watch a video, read posts. Try to kickstart an idea. But I would sugest the ebook of E.A. koettings complete works from this site. 7 books on a plethora of differing subjects for a good price. As for myself i’m working on getting stuff to settle down with me before I progress with “Black Magick of Ahriman” its a good read if you get the chance. Also learning to meditate is always good.

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I already have the complete works of koetting, but it’s the physical copy. Thing is is that it’s not beginners directed, or at least not that I found.

If you have the Complete Works, I recommend starting with Works of Darkness. It starts you off with meditations, then takes you to candle magick, demonic sigil magick, and scrying, before getting into full on evocation.

I would also look into getting the Divination course, which is what EA recommends to start.


If you still feel kind of like a beginner, start with Liber MMM from peter Carroll or work through Bluefluke’s psychonaut field manual. Both are good for basic training and available in pdf. Note though, the first section of the PFM is pretty much just MMM so Bluefluke’s pdf will take you further. If you have those basics down, It really comes down to what kind of stuff are you drawn to? Being here at BALG, there are all kinds of books and videos published that are really good and will push you further as well. It’s a hard question for us to answer for you, depends on what you’re really trying to do. If it’s a specific system, then learn and push the limits to see what you can do. If it’s just growth in general then the OAA system is a path working that will push your growth.