‘Beginners Question’

Hey guys :wave:t5:. I’ve been practicing evocations and invocations, working on strengthening my psychic abilities and clairvoyance, ect but I don’t feel as if my making the progress I’d like to make. What do you guys feel like is necessary in order to strengthen your psychic abilities, and invocation workings. I’ve been told before that I need to do energy work and divination which I try to practice when I can. What I’m basically asking is, what are the primary steps I need to take in order to strengthen my abilities? If you have any good videos, books, links, ect to recommend please share them with me. I hope this made sense. Thank you all

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Let me teach you something super basic, but it will help you a lot. The first step to this stuff is having a still mind. For most people, this is an issue. So stilling the mind is a primary step.

A simple trick to do this. Sit extremely still. Not even a single muscle should move. Just breathe. Feel your body. But do not move at all. If you can achieve 15 minutes of sitting extremely still, you’ll find your mind calming down. It will form a foundation for further practice.

Hope this helped. If you feel you’ve already achieved this and you’re still stuck, please clarify your problems further


You need to develop your astral vision first, astral vision is the ability to see astral phenomena and subtle energies while remaining still in the physical body. It is the ability to see dreams, visions and fantasies, energies field around other people, astral bodies, shapes assumed by spirits, and other things which exist beyond the veil of perception.

In order to develop astral senses, you will have to awaken your imagination first. Before you really start seeing astral energies, you have to imagine them first. This is called “visualisation”. A vivid and creative imagination is one of the most important skills of a magician.

This is why pathworking comes useful. A pathworking is a guided meditation. It consists of a set of actions, sceneries and characters that you have to visualise step by step in order to align with the energies of the spirit, deity, etc.

If your visualisation is not so strong then you can start with exercises which include a visualisation of everyday objects and familiar sceneries, sigils of spirits etc. practice this with mundane objects, sigils, drawing of spirits, pictures of deities, images of landscapes and location, etc. work on your other astral senses by recalling the taste, smell, sound and touch of things and phenomena of the mundane world.

Remember that astral vision might take a lot of time to learn and requires much dedication and systematic exercises. Once you learn the mechanism of visualisation, the imagined picture will come to life whenever they appear before your inner eyes, and your mind will start to do it automatically, allowing you to proceed to more advanced forms of magic.


Thank you alot!!! Your reply provided me with a huge amount of insight that I feel is useful.