Beginners plea: Serious beyond measure

         __--Assistance needed__--

need study material, motivated to a degree
rarely seen,self protection, projected

  Words can not express the amount  of 
            graritude for any assistance!

My appoligies as my rookie-ness will undoubtedly lead to me looking a fool and i have no qualms to admitting it (if/when it happens). Constuctive critisism, and a willingness to do what is necessary to complete my objectives, whilst giving thanks and gratisfaction to the responsible for helping is what i have to offer. I ai t that smart, but i aint dumb neither. A man of science id consider mysel. I study when i can physics, mathematics, biology, law and others. undying for eternity my lust to control all thats around and has interaction with me. I’ll explain in a lil…

So… here we go, my plight: I’ve always been an introvert and slight misanthrope. The past 10 years injury (more serious as each instance befalls me), advantages taken upon me to all degrees, loves lost, utter abandonment from “freinds” and so on.
Since i can remember poverty amd struggle has been my sibling. All i have and acheived ive done by myself with maybe a 2% exception. I keep to my own and give respect as deserved. Like idont know you first impression says hmm ok seems legit or fuck thisndude connection with the “right hand path” even though in my youth my parnets tired. I didnt pursue any knowlege until very recently. And we all know how the internet has vary useful and has what one searches for, but equally if not greater a flood of bull$#[t.
So my plight im tired of being taken advantage of, plain Fu( |<Ed with


You need to learn how to set and assert boundaries with humans. If you don’t, you’ll become a fleshly doormat.

There are many books out there on how to set and assert boundaries. There are gods aka demons out there who can help with self confidence and so forth. I think, using a combination of learning yourself and becoming stronger as a person alongside working with a good patron who specializes would be something good for you.


You should have a PM from me already with a lot of useful info in it. :+1:

(Note that we don’t trade PDFs or other pirated materials on here, this is the forum of a legitimate publishing company.)

What kind of magick innately appeals to you?

Thank you for the reply it is appreciated. I was not finished with my post and accidentally hit I don’t know what button and results you got posted. All my life I’ve been very self-sufficient a MacGyver of sorts. I think my biggest downfall is over analytical brain, I definitely have to show restraint otherwise can definitely complicate things. Perhaps you could leave with nothing right title my thirst is knowledge I’m not on my hands and knees like a plea might depict. I’ve always said one foot in front of the other and leaned in with a Square shoulder turn myself to push until I run it over, I done my best not to buckle.
But like I said just starting this road and I don’t want to come off arrogant or cocky.
Anyone who has a direction that can lead me to the knowledge that I seek is more than welcome and encouraged speak up. I have many answers for many questions for All who are willing.

Thank you

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Have you looked into Napoleon Hill’s material on successful approaches to life?

It’s presented very simply and it’s easy to test in your life. I’ll send you a link.

This book will cover a lot of ground regarding the model for metaphysics many of us have found valid: The Kybalion PDF, archived link (this PDF is okay, the text is out of copyright and the edition was given for download from the site that created it).

Do some magick, open a sigil maybe:

See what happens and then come back with questions after you’ve done some of these things. :+1:


Sure thing freind, i shall be busy! Thanks!!!

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People used to take advantage of me all of the time. Then I figured out why I let them do that, and decided to seek my validation from the only source that matters: myself.

An important part of black magick and the LHP is introspection. This involves being brutally honest, and making difficult changes. But as you change, so will your circumstances.