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Hi Guys

Just a normal beginner here looking for some advice. I did some research on here regarding how to go actual activate your senses and psychic abilities and found out that most of it says you need to start of by meditating. Also saw an answer from a q&a from an entity confirm one should start meditating in order to feel/hear them.

I would just like to know which meditating methods can be used fora beginner in order to strengthen their third eye muscle and other psychic abilities? What worked for you and what did you do after getting used to meditation etc.

Thank you guys in advance for suggestions and advice



Literally anything is better than nothing, just start and you can add more and different as you go.

It doesn’t matter what worked for 6 other people - this is about YOU. Not everybody meditates the same way, you should try a few techniques, and stick with the ones that work best for you personally. They ALL enhance psychic abilities naturally.

Youtube for techniques, try Mantk Chia, Robert Bruce, look up qigong, search here for ‘meditation techniqes’


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Thanks will have a look into those you’ve mentioned. Thanks for the reply.

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Start doing meditation. Focus on your breath. Just focus it. The way enters and exists the nostrils. Don’t analyse just keep observing it.