Beginner who succeeded in Death Curse?

Yes we’ve tried everything and had people reach out to help us but leaving a domestic violence situation isn’t as easy as people may think it took a family member many years to escape theirs
I’m sad it went on this long and I know it’s dangerous to consider when we’re around the Abxser which is why I wanted to have something done when we do get the opportunity to escape. We’ve even considered women’s shelters but he tampers with everything
My mom’s car , opportunities, etc he’s a parasite I despise him

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You’re right. Leaving is usually the most dangerous time.

Which is why sometimes you really need agencies aware that you are trying to do so. So you will be taken particularly seriously should you call for help during that time.

Shelters, good ones - expect this behaviour from abusers as victims leave.

it can sometimes take several attempts even.

But before throwing all your energy into a death curse… there are smaller things that are easier that may come in handy for helping you get safe enough to where you could do something like that if you felt certain that is what you need


Thank you for speaking to me about this whenever I get the chance and he’s not around I’m going to talk with my mom about if she can get in contact with her friend who works with police or one of the shelters for women.

Whenever we’re away from him even for a few hours it’s like a breathe of fresh air we can be free and relax again

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I bet! is your mum wanting to leave?

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Of course ,for many years we’ve been trying to leave but the guys very controlling , possessive,a lunatic I will say

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