Beginner who succeeded in Death Curse?

Just a food for thought. I have gone through a lot of posts and I could not find what I was looking for lol. Do we have a beginner here who succeeded in Death Curse? I have read that most people who are into occult for a long time managed to get what they wanted but what about beginners? :thinking:

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Death curses are often dangerous to the castor if they are untrained or just arrogant. Most people tell you to practice necromancy later on due to these problems. I will say I summoned a goetia demon once because my great grandfather was dying. My grandma (his daughter) was with him every day practically but his wife. (Not related. She was not even married to him) kept treating my grandmother like trash. So I hexed her. And two months after he passed she got the same kind of cancer and died as well. My opinion is Death is not something to play with lightly. Even if you kill a rapist. Things can end badly for you if unprepared


Well, I know someone that in her childhood killed a teacher of a heart attack in less than 24hrs just with intention. A very strong one. That was more than 60 years ago, and she still lives. She’s not a witch, by the way. Make of that what you will.


So I heard! Everyone must be careful when casting spells. Even love spells have blow backs. Which demon was it?

Woah! :flushed: that teacher must have done something bad to her to form that kind of intention. Wish I could do that too! :sneezing_face: gonna smite a lot of people.

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That is what I dont remember. It may have been furfur or Marbas. I think it was likely Marbas due to his ability with sickness.

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Could you give me more knowledge about this ? I’m trying to learn and figure this out so I can accomplish it myself

Im hardly on this site anymore. To many politicial ideologies i disagree with lol. Basically i asked marbas to back me up during my work and i created a small bag with a sigil i made attached to it. It held stones and grains. Just make it your own and push your beliefs into it. I have other stuff on my page such as seals and sigils that could help.

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can you link me your page?
ive been reading up on daemons and other stuff for hours

Hey not here to judge but I feel the fact you want this info handed to you means you would not be ready to handle it in the first place… if you don’t have the initiative to look up the demon Marbas sigil and the know how to open it properly, then you would not be able to control a spell of that nature anyways. Just food for thought.


I Don’t see what’s wrong with me making a post here when others have done the same especially since I’m hoping to punish a child abxser. As a beginner of course I’m not ready to go beyond, it would be dangerous for me to invoke right now the navigations still new to me but I’m trying my hardest to learn more that I need to better myself - I’ve been looking into sigils for a month now but that’s not nearly enough time to get to ones I need. I hope this wasn’t meant to be judging I Am listening to everyone’s comments but I don’t think its noticed

They’re living under the same roof , their family is evil themselves and have hurt their own neice then put the blame on someone else
They hurt my 6 year old brother repeatedly , jumped on my mom when she was pregnant pulled a gun out on her in front of us watched someone’s child die in a fire , ran over an animal on purpose

Would I feel the same ?? Yes, he’s been doing this for 11- years plus and will never stop and police are absolutely useless

It won’t change my mind even if I’m not the one to do it and I’ll need to get in contact with someone professional

I know I can’t do anything right now but whenever we find a place to stay and get away I’m serious

Nobody has any business touching and harming women and children like he did I know you told me not to answer but I have to get my point and story out there


I haven’t told you they have any business doing it. I completely agree nobody has any business doing that. Just given you some things to consider.

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I know and I appreciate it this is my last resort and only option though actions in person are too risky and nobody ever listens anyways
So I’m reading and figuring out the best spell for this I’ve heard of mirror boxes and karma boxes too but he deserves the worst

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Those all seem like horrible accusations that seem to have effected many witnesses… if all of this was done by one person then their would be a mountain of evidence… So where might all of it be hiding?

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I feel like perhaps your priority for magick should be assisting the victims to get safe before even bothering

The practice would be useful beforehand imo

To be living in the same house and see someone come to harm, even an abuser - May be healing but could also be traumatic

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What do you mean?
The evidence?.
We’ve reported it to police many times and it’s still on file we even turned in pictures to doctors and they took a look and know something isn’t right with the situation someone came out about a month ago regarding the 'accusations with the guy and unfortunately he was the one to answer the door and I’ve never been more scared in my life

I’m one of the victims He’s hurt ever since I was about 8 , I’m trying everything I can everything takes time though I heard healing is a traumatic thing and my mind right now is tired

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Totally understand but you need to be safe really before exposing yourself to more potential trauma? No?

This is where you have to do what’s right for you

I’m sure there’s things you could do magick wise to be taken more seriously

In the mundane world, have you reached out to any agencies who may assist you? Sometimes there’s lots that can be done to help even when the police are being useless and you can be helped by them to be taken more seriously by the police, as a possibility…

Healing can be difficult yes, but you deserve it when you’re ready.


have you sought counseling for mental health? If your claims are backed by a professional sometimes that will get law enforcement to move their ass. Calling it in to DHS might also work as well seeing as children are in danger.

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