Beginner to magick. Help with Demons

Hi there,

so I’m new to all of this. I’ve read the Demons of Magick book from gallery of magick and then found this forum. I tried going through some of the ‘beginner’ posts I found in the search but couldn’t find what I was looking for.

I’m looking for any sort of threads/links that will guide me through working with demons. Some questions I’ve found myself asking:

1.) What is a sigil opening?
2.) What is an enn and how do you find it?
3.) How do people get to the point where they can freely converse with the demons?
4.) I have no clue if the demons heard me in my rituals from Demons of Magick. Is there usually a feeling?
5.) How do I increase my magick power/awareness?

For those who are interested, my immediate concerns were getting my ex back with the help of Sitri and Dantalion, but that goal may change to finding a soulmate and then improving my life in other aspects than just the love section. So any begginer tips/guides will be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome to the forum! Please avail yourself of the forum’s search function on the upper right (the little magnifying glass). All of these questions can be answered through a simple search.


2: Enns are short phrases in the demonic language for the invocation of demons. They originated in the religious practice of demonolatry. Search the forum and you will find them all over the place.

3: Practice

4: Practice. Assume they heard.

5: Practice.


I use the enn on u tube n just chant along

There is usually a feeling of energy or a shift in the room the feeling of being watched etc

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