Beginner Question

As I’ve stated in my introduction, I am farely new to magick.
At a young age, my mom introduced me to tarot cards, pendulums and reiki…but that’s about it.
But for about two years now, I’ve had this undying interest in satanism and demonology. I never really acted on it though, apart from reading about it online.
But as of late, this urge grew inside me to start working with black magick to the point of feeling this need to devote myself to it fully and learn everything I possibly can. Beginning of the year I knew it was time to solidify this, by making a pact with lucifer, but as i looked into it more, I knew there was something better for the task I’ve given myself…so there i was on EA’ channel, taking in every bit of information, with a special interest in his workings with Azazel. I was so fascinated by him and in my introduction I also mentioned that I’ve signed up for the upcoming Sword of Azazel ritual next monday.
I do feel like it was the right decision, because it feels like I was led to EA’s channel, so i would find out about this ritual by some outside force…might aswell be Azazel, but since I have virtually zero experience with spirits apart from seeing shadow people and during sleep paralysis as a child, a 7’ ish tall Grim Reaper stood just outside my room.
My astral senses are really underdeveloped though…the only thing is that I am able to sense peoples auras, if they are within a few meters from me, but I’m working on my clairsentience with an old friend, who taught me reiki, because he is able to see spirits in the forrest, i assume those would be elementals, or whisps, or something of that nature.
Last night, I meditated on Azazels sigil, repeating “Come Azazel Come” and “Alash tad, Alash tal, Ashtu” in my head, because I felt it would be a good idea to ask Azazel himself, about my choice and what to do, to prepare for the upcoming ritual.When i did that, the sigil started radiating with color and mildly moving and I felt a presence, but it was not quite what i had expected. It felt warm and kind of energyzing, I don’t really have any better words for what that felt like. But I got a few answers to my questions, but it was my own voice in my head, just alot quieter. I took it as it is, but i’ve always had a problem of doubting myself and disregarding my intuition alot, so my subcontience still felt like i was just talking to myself.
Anyway…since I signed up for the ritual, I haven’t really been thinking about anything but Azazel.
Reading some of your experiences with him gave me some reassurance, but I was just wondering if anybody could maybe give me a few beginner pointers of what to expect.
Also, since I don’t have any real experience with spirits, is there an undeniable way of knowing that what I’m sensing is infact Azazel and not some other entity?
And lastly a rather trivial question: I live in germany, so the timezones are a bit off and since the ritual is on a monday, so i’ll be at work, while the ritual is taking place. Is it possible that i’ll feel anything or that Azazel will come to me at work? Or will that not happen untill i’ve performed my part of the ritual?

That is all…sorry about the lengthy post, but I appreciate anybody who takes the time to read through it


I’d suggest two things - chilling out, and trusting. Don’t worry so much about whether you’re getting things right, and trust in your abilities and the power of these spirits. Confidence will come with time as you practice and see your magick verified with real-world results.

Let the experiences be what they will be. Typically for me, if a spirit wants to pay me a visit it will do so at night, while I am alone. Sometimes I will sense a spirit I have called upon recently randomly throughout the day, but this is more of a reminder that they are present with me and in my life, not so much a request for communication.

Azazel is a teacher of magick, and he will help you develop your practice. You do not need faith, so much as trust. You will see the effects of your work verified within and without, you just need to allow the results to come.

Welcome to magick friend, I wish you the best :slight_smile:


Greetings 66sykez.

My story is similar to yours. Growing up in a Protestant home, my interests in things beyond Christianity, in particular spiritual things, was shunned and not encouraged in the least. When I began to search for where I fit into paganism and magick, I dove head first and tried out numerous approaches and systems of thought. In short, I became both overwhelmed and discouraged because I was neither finding the answers I wanted nor achieving desired results.

Through meditation, research, and analyzing personal experiences and synchronicities in my life, I realized that the Goddess Hekate was working with me in my subconscious for many years, since I was around the age of 5. It was something that I did not force, rather it was something that I opened up to. It was only when I stopped trying to force magick and spirits into my life that doors began opening up for me.

I even recently began contact with an entity that I have invited into my home and spiritual path, and since then even better things have been occurring for both my family and myself.

As for signing up for and paying for any ritual, I do not recommend doing so. Youtube has tons of FREE advice on how to perform group and solo rituals. Also, magick should not be ritual-based but results-based. Azazel will come to you regardless if you participate in a mass ritual, if you connect with him and let him in.

No ritual will make you connect personally with any entity. I find that the entities that I connect with have been speaking to me for years without me even realizing it.


thank you, this is exactly what i needed honestly
because i do tend to overthink and then my mind starts racing with thought upon thought, but this really helped put my mind at ease

i also used a pendulum earlier to try communicating with whatever presence i was feeling around me lately and as it turns out, it really is Azazel and he also told me I made the right decision