Beginner Question - What can magic ACTUALLY do?

Hello , I have a question.

I see so much on this forum about the “fanatical success stories” of magic, there even is whole thread dedicated to it. However, I am sceptical about the true abilities of magic. Not sceptical that it works or how it works, but about what is and isn’t possible with.

Apparently, magic can be used to control other people (get my ex back spells, banishing, binding, death spells, and so on) but you can’t even control certain aspects of yourself?? (Such as change your Color of eyes/hairs/skin, magical plastic surgery, get taller/shorter, gain/lose weight, Remove tattoo, and so on)

You can Control yourself into certain situations ( such as manifesting new job, manifesting perfect girlfriend into life through random/chance meeting) but you can’t control any outside situation?? (Change the weather on a whim, get guaranteed gambling outcomes, change/erase past events, guaranteed win award/prize, and so on)

Archangel Raphael can cure headaches, joint pain, but why not Corona Virus? Cancer? Diabetes? Regrow missing limbs?

If divination and astral projection is reality , then why foreign governments are not using astral projects to sit in on other countries ‘’top secret’’ meetings? Why are countries at war not divinating where and when their enemies will attack so they can prepared?

I can give many more examples but I will leave it at these only.

In closing, my question is — What is 100% possible to achieve with magic? What is 100% impossible? Do some people have higher chances of getting results? What are the chances that the “results” achieved on lesser things is just placebo, lucky chance, or regular effort?

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U probably can change shape, form, aspects of yourself, an outside situation (this u definitely can do…make events happen that may appear in the newspapers…try it)

Also, may be entities who can do such…But why cure diseases, so this overrun meat factory becomes more overrun and unbearable? Not a favorable outcome.

Anyhow, what little i do know (probably less than most others here) is that the magick/sorcery presented to the mainstream is powerful, but isn’t the 1,2 punch compared to more obscured and unknown systems that will never see the light of day because ppl with a shitload of money , power, wealth and influence, can snatch em up…

Nobody (including myself) has any iota how it works, and if they tell u its energy and focus…well, thats the mainstream version or zietgiest in mainstream eso/exotericism…

So I walked in with the same attitiude as u…There are some pretty neat grimiores one can find in public domain who do some cool stuff…

I mean what about ppl who levitate? IS all of that illusions or are some of it aided by spirits? What spirits? If I knew, I’d do stage magic on the side for some money…on an ongoing basis…What of people who meditate in freezing water…that is a lot of control…But its not the same as waking up cranky thinking, 20 million ppl are gonna die today and u turn on the news, and they died in mass in an area…shit dude, thats the power im looking for…enough to reshape earth and acquire enough power to control everything from the shadows ( because why have fame with that kinda power? power is meant to be hidden , occulted, lest your competition; OTHER HUMANS, hit ur level and overtake u or kill u out of fear or some vigilante sense of hypocritical morality…

I have found some gems on this forum and beings i didnt know existed , but for the most part, I could give a rat’s strand of fur about the self help, and internal developement stuff…ppl do that all their lives, and many can not drive BIG EVENTS…i mean like world changing things, even groups and covens fail sometimes …or find it a big task…

Reading between the lines, WE ARE MISSING SOMETHING…my desire is to find out the what, and where to find it, and covet it for myself (the info, because there is brilliance in being a selfish prick should u happen upon such knowledge)…

Maybe other ares such as science, engineering can provide inspiration to rediscover that knowledge which in our cyclical amnesia we lose (no idea how often) …

So with skepticism, I am partially there…The real stuff…(not calling any of this fake or looking down on it…Damn sure i pay the utmost respect to Lucifer …shameless plug end) , like the stuff dangerous to have…thats what i seek…dont think meditation 100,000 hours is gonna unlock any more power than we already have in occult circles that are in the open * …Also the spiritualism aspect always bothers me about all this…seems like a sales tool which american spiritualism has been since the movement began…

Right there with u

Are you sure he can’t? I’ve never heard about this. I do know chronical issues may be out of question, but that’s most likely because they’re, indeed, chronical, forever. So no spirit, angel, demon, god will babysit you forever.

Yup. But as in all, experience is an important matter. In any activity. And magic is no exception…

Chances are. Just are. Yes, that can happen.

So, what can we do? As far as you can read here from people’s experiences: almost anything that works according to the laws of physics.

That being said, in my small and modest success, I’ve concluded one thing: magic working feels entirely normal, as if something is happening because it is the way it has to happen, period.


I’ll give you a short and sweet answer. For the most part magick can acheive anything within reasonable realms of this reality granted you provide it proper channels and use proper methodology. It has to be doable. But it’s doable and you allow it to manifest bam anything

Because these beings don’t have that strong a control on this density, regrowing limbs is fantasy/astral. As for curing cancer I honestly feel people take what’s written about these beings way too literal, magicians back then heavily exaggerated many aspects of these entities abilities.

You’ll see a lot of conspiracy theories about this but the thing is divination isn’t incapable of being wrong and the astral is a mental plane/collective unconscious, it doesn’t benefit them to use it, they have more important things to do than play fantasy in the astral like making sure the country doesn’t go further down the shitter no matter what country it is.

Many people have manipulated the weather, this is all manifestation, if there’s a window of probability available for the event then the road with less obstacles will be taken to manifesting it into the world.

Experience and see, because of course you can’t simply defy the laws of physics but in our current thinking we don’t know the 100% extent if anything we can only teeter on the edges of it, but break completely is most likely impossible.

Yes because we are by far not the same, some of us have more or less potential than another in different subjects/multiple subjects, some of us have larger energy bodies than others, hell even non practitioners can have more potential than a practitioner.

Yes you can change your eyecolour
Yes you can shapeshift
Yes you can be invisible
Yes you can manifest money out of nowhere
Yes you can probably cure cancer…

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Just go down the road and do this search by yourself… Personally I’d never let, someone tell me the limits of magick since the day I saw a guy levitate… And another guy blow a light bulb with his mind…
I’m not vouching for entities but from what I know what humans can, do…

Plot twist: OP can. And ONLY OP.

That’s not how manifestation works, it’s not out of nowhere it’s out of an event that is currently within the window of possibility.

That’s more of a glamour to where people less likely to notice you which deals with the aura.

This is possible with bioK, from experience.

this is also with bioK but not as exaggerated as a handful of magicians make it out to be.

I mean like WTF, bro… You, can, see an alien manifest, out of nowhere and still believe in impossibilities… Impossible is a major illusion… And when something is justifiable trust me you can even raise the dead

I wouldn’t call Impossible an illusion, it’s more of a state of reality where you’re not driving yourself insane or delusional over letting your imagination wonder too far off the edge.

Yes true… Invisible doesn’t mean you vanish though… I mean that’s the point right?.. For you to get Sth done… Unnoticed

yes, but often times when speaking of these abilities, they tend to be exaggerated.

Very true…

I think these beings work well by unlocking some subconscious aspects, in US which we in turn have to work… But the potential that lies in the right side of the brain is, limitless
And it’d probably take lifetimes to perfect Some trait… And I bet that’s probably most people are on earth… Spiritual growth

Ohh and you can, also lose and gain weight with magick… That’s pretty simple

Do you know why? It’s because your physical body has a greater, more solid, reality in your perception than anything else. You spend every moment of your waking life within it, and its health and safety has a huge effect on everything else you do. Something as simple as a toothache can overpower every other aspect of your physical reality until that pain is taken care of. Physical reality is an illusion, but it is a damn persistent one.

All that you listed except the changing of past events is possible (though even with magick you are never guaranteed anything because nothing in life is 100% guaranteed. Even the sun might not rise tomorrow as there is a possibility, though infinitesimally small, that the sun will go nova and kill us all).

There are limits to what spirits can do. No spirit is all powerful, not angels, not demons, not even gods.

They’ve already studied it to see if it was feasible. Look into the declassified US Stargate program. It was the Army’s attempt at using remote viewing to spy on its enemies (Russia had a similar program). They eventually cancelled it because it could not provide completely accurate information in real time.

No one really knows. Some people have ridiculous Hollywood fantasies in their heads about turning into vampires and werewolves , or developing superpowers, via magick, and they think all they have to do is light a candle and read a poem to some entity and poof! they’ll be a walking immortal corpse or flying like Superman.

You will never know the limits of what is possible until you try to find them. However, you can’t shoot for the stars immediately. 99% of the people who come to this forum seeking the fantastic give up and go back to roleplaying once they realise how much work is involved in actual magick. The stories of people possessing super normal powers usually skip over the part where such a person has studied and practiced for years to be able to do those things.

The monks who are capable of levitation, and super speed over rough terrain, and materialising gems out of thin air, have all spent their entire lives in meditation, isolated from the rest of the world in mountain top monasteries.

In his book Sorcerer’s Secrets, Jason Miller talks about seeing one of his mentors do such amazing things with magick that if he described them no one would believe him, but he was able to do them because he had spent years practicing magick, with only the minimum amount of food and sleep.

There is a lot of untapped potential in human biology, and we are capable of much more than is currently known. However, few people, particularly in the Western world, are willing to give up their comforts and pleasures for the years of disciplined practices that would open up that potential. We all want super powers, but we want them now, not ten years down the road. And we want to be able to jerk off to our favourite anime porn while chomping down on a Big Mac while we’re at it.


Amazing… I’m saving, this… Beautiful piece