Beginner offer to draw aura


oki doo ^^

it a pleasure for me :slight_smile: I like to help, so I try my best.
It’s not much ^^’ the paintings are made a lil fast and they are simple ^^’ But i’m really glad they help.
And I take care to erase every name out of me and my world :slight_smile: so I still feel good after just a lil slower ahah
I don’t smoke today too, so I’m sure to be all here for you all :smiley:

thank you .w.


Are you still doing this? Would love mine done if possible


yep, still 10hours ahead :stuck_out_tongue:
do you want me to use your forum name or do you want to send a pic of you ? ^^


Oh great, what do you think is best?


picture is the best ^^


Okay should I send it to your inbox


yep ^^


Can I use any picture of me?


Very interesting… thank you!


It was a pleasure :slight_smile:


That’s so pretty! Thank you very much @Selkie :blush:


yes, Thank you Selkie!




It’s a pleasure ^^

I will take a pause for now I feel a lil sick ^^’


get well dear


This seems really interesting


thank you @ouckla ^^ I feel better today :slight_smile:

So, who want a painting :smiley: ?


I would like one


Do I use your pseudo ( sonofthearc ) ou veux-tu m’envoyer une photo ? :slight_smile:


Do you need photo or initials ?


just a picture ^^