Beginner offer to draw aura


It help ! :slight_smile: But I’m good without


You’re a pro dude ily​:heart::heart::heart::heart:


I have just discovered this interesting post. Do you always have time in the evening to give ? :sneezing_face:


I’d love a scan please.


I have made a little pause x) but hm… I can do some today, the ones that I feel the most. (If I feel better during doing this I will do more)
Soooo, x) try your chance ! maybe you will have a drawing !


May I please?


try your chance ! :slight_smile:
I will post all the drawing here


Could you make one for me please?


Mine too (:


If you are by some hasard searching for a life/meaning of life, you will find it soon.


I feel that you are lost in a “dream”


I feel a power up :smiley: !


Something that have been opened stay open…


Like how? Can you explain further? Is this good open or bad open? It doesn’t look dangerous, really.


Is the orange at bottom part of the read?
Thank you, by the way, for your insight!


Watercolor is an excellent choice.


Super Saiyen mod engaged :japanese_goblin: Thank for that ! Just to be sure of one thing, the colors were bright, or rather dull? :face_with_monocle:


For me, what I see there is not necessarily good. Something opens, but obviously too fast, and therefore breaks, as we can see. And blue is a generally spiritual color. Maybe you tried to go too fast in your quest for spirituality? Be careful, we all have limits :no_mouth:


I’ll take one if you’re still doing them :sweat_smile:


@Selkie me too :wink: