Beginner offer to draw aura


Do me tmrw then please @Selkie:blush:


Thank you for the reading! But what does the flame mean?


OEHHH BESTIEEE MEE AGAIN PLEASEEE :heart::heart::heart: #1fangirl


Thank you so much


I would love one if possible


I feel that something make you sick .-.
I hope you are not .-.


Well we are tomorrow today :smiley:

I have feel a strong sad energy


It seem to be something arround you, but don’t worry nothing bad :slight_smile:


.w. hiiiiiii .w.
It always make me happy to see you here ^w^

Your aura feel like an orange .w.
XD I create feeling !


Sure .w.

Something hidden inside you is waiting to be Found. You just need to search, the path is already there.


Someone close to you (physical where you are) is watching your activities. I got that immediately upon seeing Selkies read/painting.




Thanks, i’m fine, I was at work where there are some people, so maybe you saw/feel somebody else, or maybe computers have influence on me. :smiley:


Thank you!


I wouldn’t mind having another one done to see what is different from the last time since it’s been a while if that’s okay?



can i have one please?


Can I get one?


If youre not too busy and you’re still doing these, could i get one?


I don’t forget any of you ! O/
When I will get time I will do all that :slight_smile:


Take your time, do you need a picture or?