Beginner offer to draw aura


Imagine a tornado of leafs… Now it’s a feeling!


Me too @Selkie


So bloody aura or bloody energy ?!
U feel like smth off or bad ?!


Sorry I have just leave you with that x)

a bloody energy !
I feel like if the blood came out of a wound, but I feel nothing bad… Just in case, I will say take care of yourself .-.


sure .w. !


I was feeling it like if it was many Lycoris radiata .w.


Can you draw my aura?


Because I like you :v yes .w.


Lmao :joy:
Thnks :metal:


@Selkie Am I too late :persevere:


Nooo .w. You’re the last one !! ^^
x) I have really work to do after that


Thank you! :hugs::hugs:


XD your welcome !
.w. it’s not the first time, so it’s a pleasure !!

I feel something curious arround you… But I could not say what


Nice :ok_hand:
Thank you

For the “curious” part, good or bad? Or is it just a spirit taken notice of me


Something good ! :slight_smile: And it’s seem to be something more serious than just have noticed, like if they follow you


Thnks again :ok_hand:


I could only feel flame arround you, in a good way


Can I ask for the next one?:slightly_smiling_face:


I have finish for today :slight_smile: but I can do it tomorow ^^


ok :+1: