Beginner Help

Hey uh my 3rd eye isnt even opened and the environment im living in is very close minded, the best way I know how to put it and I have no “secret” place yet i can go to practice or meditate.
Any one have any advice on how I could kickstart things?

Thank you

Go stealth. Pretend to be napping, listening to music, reading or looking at your phone, when in reality you’re meditating, working on your energy or journeying in your mind.


I second this, as it is solid advice. Get some headphones, go for comfort and noise cancelling on the headphones if able…but any will work. Annouce that you are taking a nap and please leave you alone.

The other option is the toilet. Lock the door. Turn on the fan, be efficient with your time. Most bang for your time. I have heard of people doing successful work in the shower as well.

Where there is a will there is a way.


I will admit, I’ve done some of my best invocations while having a long, hot bath :smiley: