Beginner Advice: Calling to Divine Names

The tipping point for my practice occurred a few years ago when I started calling divine names with more passion and deliberation as ever before. Many rituals call on the divine, whether demonic, angelic or other.

First thing I did was actually vocalizing the names, i.e. saying it out loud. Even a whisper helps. If you can’t speak, just use your imagination. See yourself calling to the spirit.

Secondly, visualizing the call reaching through infinity and the planes and being heard by many, even those that aren’t welcome, was critical. Let the roar echo through the planes.

Thirdly, feeling spirits watching me and that sense that something is looming. The feeling that a spirit has appeared or has got the call and is on the way.

So when I make my call, I vocalize it if I can, and take the time to feel the call reach out through the planes. Then knowing your call has reached its target and feeling the presence draw near.

What helps tremendously is including visualizations, scents, sounds and any sensory information you can that is associated to the entity.

Trust yourself.