Begginer...Need help...!

I just started walking on this path and have read some books but they confused me even more… Would love some advice on where to start and some books that have good knowledge…but tge problem is im just 17 and dont have a source of income yet so cant buy any books… So just tell me the names of books that i can find on internet and are free of charge…lol… And please Dont mind my english…THANKS…!

Here is what you want.Also welcome.

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Thanks man but i would like to start from my foundation and things that would show results like astral vision and stuff. But really thanks man there are some great techniques in there. Ill try going through all of them…and will post here if i make progress…ibw ive done some chakra opening meditation and i can feel tingling sensation in sahasara,ajna and vishuddha but nothing major ive tried summoning( just with sigils) but nothing major happened and i can understand that since ive only tried them once or twice… Yeah and thanks again lol