Begginer Fundementals

If you could have started over what daily practices and things would you have done books recommendations also welcome

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Banishing! Takes constant practice. Just keep at it - like piano practice. Once you feel energy movement, reverse the whole process and you’ll be practicing evoking! These two rituals are the foundations of all others.

I’d have burnt that fucking little Taro book that comes with seemingly all decks and I wouldn’t have read what other so called ‘experts’ promulgated.

I’d have started keeping a coded pen and paper Magickal Journal earlier.

P.s. And don’t read any of my who-do-I-think-I-am postings. Disregard that at your peril. You’ve been warned!


I’d definitely just do the opening the soul breathing techniques with chants everyday, I’d learn to banish in the beginning, I’d do affirmations regularly, I’d keep practicing the things I was able to do magically and not jump around on topics so much, I’d do crafting of candles when I had the wax and not waist it. I would learn to make strong servitors. I’d get a job that is associated with the spirit. I would use the power when I have it instead of just being in awe watching the pulsating lights. I’d learn sexual magic from others instead of trial and error, I’d join BALG the first time I find the site not 7 years later. I’d find a coven of 3 and do regular witchcraft, I’d learn reiki from someone instead of trying to just do it myself, I’d ask for the things that matter from the spirits that I interacted with, I’d record myself when channeling spirits for song and get famous. I’d get trained as a young child in martial arts from my domofu Father.