Befriend naked women with the Tarot

Was visiting another city yesterday. Flying solo, had some time, and felt like entertainment. Visited a local strip club and pulled out the Tarot deck. Beautiful, largely naked women lined up for readings. There are far worse ways to spend an hour or two.


Sounds like you had a good time, great idea with doing that.

Did anyone give you a hard time for taking away the women or was it a slow night at the club?

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Nah - only one reading at a time so no business problem. In fact gave a manager a short reading

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Actually that is a great idea and as long as you’re buying a beer every once in a while bouncers shouldn’t fuck with you. That opens up a discussion for where else people can bust out the old Tarot and steal the show.


This gets my nomination for the best titled thread of the year award.


Lol it is kind of eye-catching. There are a couple of semi-serious sub points though - (1) if you are going to try this, better deliver with good readings or the girls will ignore you and the manager will toss you out, and (2) people are hungry for spiritual insight. You might not be able to get people to line up with your Tarot deck at the Baptist Church social - but that doesn’t mean a bunch of people don’t want to!