Before i start

After some research I have decided to start to work with Clauneck to help me in my business.But I have come across so many contradicting statements how this should be done.
1.Clauneck should be worked with during the day
2.Clauneck is best to work with in the evening after 10pm
3.Offerings from food,wine,silver,gold,and blood
4.Invoke Clauneck on a Thursday,Saturday,Sunday
5.Candles at points North,South,East,West/No candles
6.Circle/No circle
7.Prayer/No prayer
The list goes on…I am thinking really to start with blood to get the results I want or is too much for a beginner?


Read more info :slight_smile:


Thanks Rav for the link but this one I have read with many others and it is sill confusing me on what I should do.

I have never worked with Clauneck; but i have had the same problem you are having with contradicting information.
When I have run into these issues in the past; and im sure i will again in the future.
My suggestions are as follows:

  1. Trust your gut!
    What “feels” the most accurate when you are reading how and what to do to work with this demon. Your desire to work with them is already creating that intention, im fairly certain they are already quite aware of you.
  2. Divination
    Use whatever form of divination you prefer, this could be really anything, go with bird signs even if that is what works for you. Pay attention to your environment, to patterns, to dreams, if your not actively using divination to get a clearer answer.
  3. Ask another spirit you already work with.
    This one is pretty self evident, but if you have another entity that you already work with; unless it would be a grave insult to this entity to ask, then ask them for some advice.
  4. Make an offering
    Coming from a long time pagan background, i have never found a entity that doesn’t like to share in a drink with you, even if they dont say much. Who doesn’t enjoy three fingers of triple malt, or a whole bottle for that matter.
    Use your temple; go somewhere outside that feels right, pick a liquor or other beverage that you particularly like, and would hurt to give away. Call to them, Clauneck that is, and tell him you come out of respect to meet him, and you desire to establish a working relationship with him. Before you pour the contents of the bottle, pour yourself a few fingers, and make sure to add, “please, share this (drink) with me as I share it with you.”
    Pour the contents, and sit and enjoy.

these are the things that have worked for me in the past; i hope this helps!


Thanks BaelKala for the advice.I will try them out and see how it goes.

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You bet! If you are willing, i would love to hear what method worked well, and what you discover!

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