Beetle on seal?

hi.a quick qestion.i was doing a astaroth basement.dark.after 20 mnts sudendly a black beetle? sorry not enought walking on seal.& besidez candle.i was almost done.finished
pick whit paper
it not want let pick got mad.his? horns?/ straight/ freak me up.i just put it outside.make me tnk of a sign? work not good.? ya inputs? tanks.oh yea fullmon.tnght.

Do some divination - it could mean any number of different things, unless any of the systems you work with (because Astaroth will know what they are) have a special meaning for beetles, e.g., they’re considered highly unclean, or as omens of some kind.

My personal sybolism for beetles will probably differ from yours so if one showed up for me in that exact same way, I would assume it mean something specific to that, but the meaning for you could be completely reversed.

As a wider example, the number 4 is considered highly inauspicious in China because the word for it sounds like the word for “death” - and yet it’s the number of the highly auspicious planet Jupiter in western planetary magick.

Context is important with anything symbolic. :slight_smile:

i see ya meaning
it was a love/ lust spell.tanks zo much!!!.

Zorro, what does this topic have to do with Satanism?

This is the second time that I move your post to thye appropriate section.
Next time, post in the right topic

my man" i post in satanism bcse it involve astaroth.i was tnking of magik discusion.sorry.i will do my best to avoid tat.tanks3 remind.