Beer,whiskey,vodka, or any type of alcohol effective for evocation?

What are your guy’s thoughts about beer,whiskey,vodka, or any other type of alcohol use during evocation?
Is it effective or do you find it not effective, would love to hear your guys opinions!

The vast majority of spirits enjoy liquor. You can start with some rum or whiskey then take suggestions from the spirits you evoke. Some spirits prefer wine (white or red), rum, vodka, vbeer, etc.

Are you referring “alcohol use” as using it yourself, or as gifts to the spirits?

My personal experience of using it for myself gives the effect of feeling less during drunkiness or even at a “perfect state” of tipsyness. For me, it doesn’t work, because my mind is coping with the effect and state that alcohol creates by drinking it.

True, although drinks can certainly be ‘sanctified’ for ritual use to the point that they actively promote states that are more useful than normal intoxication.