Beer Magic {A Really Strong Herbal Formula Using Salt, Pepper, and Cinnamon}

Holy fucking shit, that shit was bitter

This is something I just did this morning as an experiment and it seems to have worked well.

What You’ll Need

• Beer- I used Elysian Space Dust, IPA cause I like it’s taste. It’s hard Beer. The type you drink while you with the motorcycle gang :rofl::ok_hand:

• Salt-Consecrate it and have it ready

• Cinnamon- for Sweetness, and the solar powers of Fire

• Pepper-for Saturnian Power and Kick Ass energy

What you’ll do

Combine the ingredients in the beer by pouring in the Salt, Cinnamon, then Pepper and shake the beer a little.

Then focus on cleaning the energy of the beer by envisioning clean energy (or clean air) entering the liquid and removing all impurities from it.

Then focus your desire (money, sex, whatever) into the liquid and push it into the beer using your breath.

THEN (:joy:)…
say the following words,

By the Powers, forces, energies, and spirits that inspired the creation of beer I command this particular sip of beer to be really, really, bitter and powerful.

Sip that shit and feel the Wrath of God Almighty and Satan’s Thorny Asshole greet your mouth with the poison you just concocted.

I strongly recommend you have a chaser with you :ok_hand:

Happy Hunting, Casting, And Fucking in 2019,
The Grand Demon Of Ascent/Micah/Satan/Chad Thundercock


Did i imagine this?


You said “beer”, I don’t need to read any further.
I’m in.


I’m starting to believe @Micah is really Satan.



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Know what’s even stronger magick? Tequila magick! It’s so strong that after 5 or six times it causes massive headaches . I suspect that is your 3rd eye opening up really wide. And it may even cause memory loss and vomiting.

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Its also so strong it turns some women (mainly Latinas) into ho’s…ahem! I meant, less respectable women :joy:

Right up there with another Strong Demon named…Hennessy :rofl::ok_hand:

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Everclear has a real kick too!

So what does this do to you on the way out? Sounds like a fekkin’ horror novel to me, lol!