Been getting a sulphur taste

I woke up 10am i got a inreadible sulphur taste and smell, it was so strong it felt i have been bathing in sulphur, the taste has been completely lingering all day and has never gone away, i been eating today lolly snakes drinking coke, it has never relieved the taste of that sulphur i even eaten 3 tacos, it has never relieved the taste of that sulphur, i also just came today delivered in person my Belial without a Master in beautiful soft Leather with silver embroidery with silver Belial seal on back, i flicked through the book, its definitely a talisman i felt it and wow that energy is really awesome, its better than drugs, just holding the compendium Belial without a master will end up getting wasted, after had tacos for dinner i couldn’t stay away from that book, i completely read all prologue by Timothy, now its 10:41 PM im still getting sulphur taste which is taste better now, nothing is quenching that taste im getting use to, yes im practing infernal empire every night my own way.

That sounds like a demon possession from the supernatural movie.kidding though

Excessive protein will do that. Lay off meat/dairy.
Drink some water with a tsp of baking soda.


My first thoughts were maybe he had Gas.


Well…sulphuric gasses. And it can get rather severe.

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