Beelzebuth's cube meditation

This is a meditation channeled from Beelzebuth to create a stronger aura, and develop greater authority on the astral plane, performing this meditation over time will strengthen the Aura gradually, but you will already see results within the first practice.

  1. Begin by four-fold breathing this will take you into the state of mindset necessary for creating this Shield if your already capable of entering trance by willing yourself do so then.

  2. Begin by creating around you a green vector in the shape of a cube around you on the astral plane, while doing so your going to extended four beams of Light into the vertices of this cube you just created while vibrating BA’AL, keep doing this till you feel this structure is secure on the astral plane.

  3. Begin then to imagine yourself within this cube to be inside of a tower, kind of like the typical medieval watchtower, let it solidify energetically and watch it raise into great heights, stopping when you feel it’s tall enough.

Do not let simple fool you, typically channeled meditations or other such spiritual practices are not complex by nature, they typically appear simple if by any chance you happen to channel a meditation or spiritual practice that you believe is “To Easy”, to work, don’t let it fool you it’s likely very potent.


Will try, you have my thanks.

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You may incorporate different words of power or chants into this technique as well, this meditation is a template that can be built upon.


I’m guessing that strengthening also implies repairing any leaking rips?

Would one be able to modify their aura using different energies/rays of light on the vertices and manipulating the tower?