For a couple of weeks I keep hearing the name Beelzebub and every time I go out, I have a fly on me. So, today I summoned Beelzebub, asked him to help me with my business and my money problem. I just received 220 euro, thank you and praise you, Beelzebub. So, a couple of things: the voice was with lot of sssssss and gentle, like a snake, I thought it was supossed to be a rough voice. Second, he requested that I quit smoking and drinking and porn, which is a lot. Anyway, I thought the LHP is all for free will and indulgence. I will quit them, but it seems weird. Has anyone else get this kind of request?


He might be teaching Self Discipline. To work with Demons and their energy, requires a lot of self control, focus, and dedication.
Also by abstaining from smoking and drinking, it purifies the body, and the astral energy body. So one can perform magic better and have cleaner more powerful energy for communication with Spirits.
Just a couple of possibilities.


good points. Thank you :slight_smile:

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