Beelzebub killing my old me (?)

Beelzebub has been coming to me almost every day for 1 week, either physically fly-shaped, or astrally, fly-shaped too, or in dreams where I hear his name. since he came to me, almost every day I’m getting sick and sick, with fever, nausea, paranoia. my intuition says that he is destroying my former self, and making me stronger, because I asked him to become more powerful and strong mentally and spiritually. I would like to know your opinion. what do you think about it?

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could be…but let me ask you, how do you feel spiritually?

I feel improving, but still paranoid and i cant do a right judging because my body is too weak.
Just right now i rent to take a shower and a big spiders appeared in the walls. I think its Bael confirming

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push through it, but dont hesitate to ask 4 help if it gets dangerous