Beelzebub is back unto me!

So fuck yeah

the message is clear,Beelzebub decided that he wants to work with me
Beelzebub is one of my favourite spirits i had done soe very intense shit with him
i had dived so deep in the abyss and into his darkness is inderscible,i had done meditations,rituals and curses with him but i must admit that i am not that into baneful magick but i had done some costly shit into my enemies theres a spell that i used a year ago that i done some intense results beelzebub named it “The spell of ultimate destruction” which is an triangle who traps the life essense of the target and outside theres demonic abyssal scribes and symbols of destructuon and you torture that soul or eat whole using demonic tongue in its abyssal dialect and that soul can never fight back,beelzebub showed some powerful spirits and kingdoms deep within the abyss,spirits like “Taratus” and “Ashakarium” who can command any army of darkness to obey to you.

beelzebub is a spirit,god,demon of massive powerful,he has the rank of a king and gatekeeer,i remember once doing a ritual with my coven mate and i was chanting his many names and titles i chanted some names who i neverheard,they sounded demonic and abyssal while the smoke rised in my room,he is one of my guides,patrons and protectors,he is lord of the sky,who taught me how to scry into the trees and skies and clouds,me and beelzebub done MANY things.

his words now?
“You grew up”
hell yeah i did back then i was a immature madman,but now i am a mature madman,cant wait to work with you :metal: :fire: