Beelzebub: Chieftain of false gods

My question is who are the false gods he is chieftain of? Also one of his powers is listed as bringing people to worship demons, I feel a pull to him could that be him exercising his power? Especially because I come from a christian background.

Personally I believe it to be the goetic demons mainly due to the connection Beelzebub has with lucifer in the sense when Lucifer is not ruling the infernal Beelzebub is doing so in his steed. However, the “false gods” aren’t really given names so, and the goetia are often forced as Gods.

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Thanks that cleared some of my questions up! Do you think that when people feel a pull to him that they are being affected by that?

Beelzebub is often associated with Baal as the Lord of High Places and lord of exorcism and other gods of the pantheon but when the cult of Yahweh rose he was called the Lord of Flies and as he was a very prominent god and king of kings he was said to be ruler of the false gods or in later christian lore demons.

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No I believe those that feel a pull to an entity means that entity is either calling on them or their intuition is telling them that they should work with the entity or see what they can gain from the encounter.

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@ayesha Check out the Gods Baal, Iskur & Adad. This will give you a good idea of his powers and the domains he rules over before demonisation took place.


Thank You! So do you think that the part about him causing men to worship demons is just demonisation?

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@ayesha Most likely this process happened alot to the pagan deities of the past.