Beelzebub / Bael evokation?


I would consider myself a beginner in this situation, of course. So I don’t expect to be quite knowledgeable nor sure about my decisions so this is why I’m recurring to the expertise here.

Here’s the thing.

Electronics and stuff have been failing lately; the dryer’s motor burned out, the stove’s button got inside out… this while my roomie was handling them. I used to attribute this to him being charged with something so I began joking about it.

Yesterday I slided on water nearby the washing machine and fell on my ass. My roomie noticed and helped me get up, he also removed electric outlets as I practically would have resulted electrocuted if things were less lucky, with 220V.
Regardless we tested out the washing machine again as we assumed something was wrong with the tubes and it was working fine again. All of this kept happening during night time, often.

I gotta admit that I have been jokingly calling out Beelzebub’s name as my roomie is bothered about it (he’s a light magician), but it seems he actually picked up my call.

The same night these things keep happening (yesterday, the washing machine thing); he saw somebody’s black feet crossing across the living room behind me, being reflected in the glass window. He immediately got worked up (he hates to see stuff visually, as he rarely has visual abilities – rather, he’s sensorial) and began putting candles and incense.

The same night, he meditated relaxedly and told me he was able to have visual contact with ; he described him as an ugly ass man, tall, with really worn out wings, bearded and strong-faced (non-attractive features included in his face) and long legs with animal-like feet.
He didn’t tell anything to my roomie, they just acknowledged each other (as my roomie claims) and my roomie conceptually asked him what the fuck was he doing at our home and he had no business there and he wasn’t called out.

We both know in this case it was maybe me accidentally calling him out even though no offerings, sigil or something more robust was done – however we don’t even know if it’s even Beelzebub at all.

So, may somebody give me some clarity? How have you worked with these guys? What can I do to prevent further discussions and aggression between my roomie and him (things definitely may escalate and my roomie isn’t particularily the most respectful person)?

More importantly, is this really Beelzebub (and not some impostor, parasite) and what can I do to ask him to respectfully leave and so I amend things with him for any further situation?
I would definitely be interested in working with the 72, but not this moment!



He might just be trying to get your attention, saying “I’m here”, since you called him and all.

If that’s the case, seems kind of a waste to have called him just to shut the door again, why not acknowledge the presence, ask it for it’s sigil to prove it’s him, then ask for something nice for yourself :slight_smile:
If it can’t show you the correct sigil in your minds eye, or a sign, then cleanse and banish as usual.


Bael and Beelzebub are two separate guys, were you intending to invoke/evoke them both? As you both seem to be able to communicate with them, I would do exactly that.


As a new practicioner I would tell you to be very wary of spirits just showing up without being formally called. Newcomers who leave out offerings and burn incense to spirits they don’t know personally and haven’t worked with before and have no clairaudience or clairvoyance to interact with them are really at high risk of an imposter or trickster or parasite.

I’d recommend you find the appropriate seal for either Beelzebub or king Bael (two separate entities) and try a petition or evocation. I’d also spend about a week prior to the ceremony studying the legends and information about the spirits you want to work with.

Don’t panic and don’t have anxiety but be smart, banish your surroundings regularly and only leave out offerings to spirits that you know.

I have no opinion of wether it’s really king Bael or Beelzebub or an imposter. I don’t have enough information to venture a guess.

Good luck


Firstly thank you all for the important suggestions and information provided! @Mulberry @Mike_Bee Nightside .

@Mulberry Indeed I also assumed it was some sort of way to show off arrived. I read from another user in their own topic that they also have experienced some electronic devices stopped working or temporally stopped during the arrival of these entities. I think the sigil would be a good idea, so far I only have daydreamed about a particular sigil that I googled for ‘Satan’ since my roomies’ description on his appearance was kinda like… well, Satan and the most similar was an inverted circled Leviathan Cross!

@Nightside My mistake if that’s the case! I often see people call Bael’s 'alternative name’s as Beelzebub, Beel, etc so I assumed they were the same. Howeveer I was never intending to formally invoke them, and the only name I used was Beelzebub.

@Mike_Bee I am so aware of the situation of tricksters or parasites. Infact I also felt like my roomie’s instant action of lighting a candle that later in the morning resulted in a broken candle glass holder was misunderstood by this entity.
While the intention wasn’t evokating them, I was more curious as if this was a reccurence on their arrival compared to imposters.

Ah! As part of the update;

  1. My roomie had another lucid dream a night I wasn’t home. He was able to depict fully and see his back, now with clarity. He basically described the classic ‘Satan / Devil’ look with goat legs and the rest of the description in the OG post even though he has never seen his appearance in books, google or references. Maybe it’s a word-mouth assumption or if it’s the case, but I doubt it could really be Beelzebub or Bael if that’s how he’s showing up, right?

Regardless, he also saw a lot of people in this sitting and some other standing while having a dialogue with in what my roomie describes an ‘Ancient Language’ since he couldn’t tell what language it was and it sounded like nothing he ever heard before. He’s surprised they seemed to behave civilized and he assumed they were negotiating or somethign of the sort. His ‘light guides’ were definitely not amused about it but managed to grasp a discussion.
I’m not sure what was resolved on this as he said the lucid dream stopped - after being back and forth with that dream twice the same night beginning with waking up at 3:30am and then 6:00am.

  1. On the other hand, I also had a lucid dream that woke me up at 3:00am rly thristy and paranoid and kept on til 6:00am as well. It was bothering me in my dream but since I was dreaming my own room, it felt hard to distinguish initially; it began with me and the bed being pushed from behind while I was sleeping on my side and then proceeded to escalate on me waking up in the dream and forcing myself out to observe thourgh my window from a building infront just to find an (using my cat’s appearance) under the bed avoiding being recorded by my phone (instictively what you would do to make sure you are seeing it fr) and then proceeding to come towards me and moving the plane to be amidst a central park amongst the buildings.
    It didn’t attack or anything but the dread feeling it gave was the same I began feeling so I mutilated it with my hands out of fear and mentally told it to stop bothering since it was still alive and buried its head. I immediately felt relief and the dream shifted to something different that later ended in me waking up in the morning.

Not sure if both of us were being played out or this was some sort of ‘balancing out’ for the wasted call on this entity.
But definitely put an end to that random psychic attack of out the blue even though the house feels clean and calm.

Other than that, everything seems back to normal!


A few things lept to mind for me, you might (for tracking down who the spirit is), Charge it to tell you his name (however this might not work out if it lies), and can you elaborate on the animal features again?
If it can be honest, maybe there is something the imposter spirit can do for you, but it could be a trickster.
My first thought was maybe Prince Ipos, or, Pan?
What correspondences were you using, like the color of the candle, the incense used.
Did you thoroughly banish and clean the property?