Beelzebub - aspect that appeared in a green outfit and has long blond hair

Do you recognise this aspect of Beelzebub?

What names does this aspect use and what are his powers relating to this specific aspect?

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Watching this thread… :wink:

Maybe is a new aspect of the Father of the Sabbath

I ask because an enemy is working through others, and a group of them are using this aspect against me to control me through my mind. He comes with “disciples”, and “people who died but somehow have been transformed into demonic entities” (Orlee Stewart told me this thing about the dead humans in a reading). My enemy uses soldiers and gophers (people who were brainwashed via their false selves to work for my enemy) against me who are skilled in various ways, including thoughtforms, mental programming, and other things.

Well this aspect of Beelzebub has been popping up here and there for months while this enemy has been working against me.

Since my damnation 3 months ago, my enemy thinks I’m “otherworldly” and I need to be removed from their world or be brainwashed into working for them.

I have been told by another Tarot reader there is one main enemy whose name is Sarah, and I was given her D.O.B., and her attacks are designed to bring me maximum pain and suffering, to block me in various areas of my life, and to ruin my health and finances via spells. She and the others rely super heavily on hypnosis, mind control, fear, and lies, and they like to destroy the worthiness/self esteem of their target.

Archaelus and others tell me she is the main one and that she is vile.

The loa showed me very clearly that she did it out of pure ego because I expressed my pride in myself, in who I am when I told her I would never allow her and her associates to force me to work for them to do their dirty work. My ancestors have told me other things about her which I won’t repeat here.

So, I’m looking to take out Beelzebub from the equation if possible.

I’m not being a victim about this. Even though they try to brainwash me, and have indeed undone quite a bit of work that I did for myself, I’m doubling down on defenses, working with spirits and ancestors, etc to fight back and eliminate this enemy.

But I’m looking for information, inspiration, and for help. I’m broke, but I’d appreciate all the help and assistance I can get.

I deserve a life that’s worth living, and to move forward from the nightmare I’ve been living.

Never heard of it - I’d ask Baal-zebul (not Beelzebub, the impoverished, demonized nicknamed version - go to the source nd do an end-run around the xtianised corrupted bullshit) himself and ask him to deal or put you in touch.
The original Baal-Zebul as Lord of all that Flies is full deity level and very powerful, The ''lord of the flies" is not… imo.

By the way, no matter who gives you their UPG, UPG is UPG, it still needs verification.
I strongly advise you follow this up with Baal-Zebul privately and ideally another independent party to get confirmation before making unrecoverable decisions.


I always see Beelzebub with long blonde hair.

He seems to also play a supportive role with me.

Hes very organized and can help you get things done. A good mentor.

Yes, I understand about the UPG, which is why I paid two different Tarot readers for a reading about the situation. One of them pointed to a fifth person who is a woman, and the other told me the woman’t name and D.O.B., plus other details. That’s the best I can do as far as getting it verified for now. One of the Tarot readers was Orrlee who works at BALG, and the other I was told by a reliable source that she is a very decent reader. There were things she told me that totally married up with what I’d learned from my non-physical sources before I got the reading done.

The UPG is obviously the personal feedback and communication I’ve had with various beings and my ancestors. But some of what they told me before I got the readings were confirmed in black and white.

I’ll attempt to make contact with Baal-Zebul.

Many thanks.

Yes, but I usually perceive him in a black outfit, with pale white skin, and long black hair.

When it comes to the aspect being used by my enemies, he always appears as a long blond haired male, with a regular complexion (not pale white skin), wearing a green outfit.

Idk then. Beelzebub has always had long blonde hair for me and dressed very nicely. Ive never had problems with him in that aspect. He clothes generally change colors I wouldn’t chalk up a color change to it being from my enemies.

Enities do change appearances from time time and alot of it depends us.

Was this appearance something that someone else described to you or your own impression?
I’m wondering if this is someone else’s subconscious filters, in which case they might not be all that relevant here.

Personally, I don’t see him in human form at all, though he might be humanoid but made of many creatures piled into this shape. Almost like Dracul made of bats, only there’s also imps and legion other hard to identify things. I wouldn’t mind if someone ‘sent’ him in a different shape, but my feeling is, that tells me about how that certain someone sees him, and their worldview, not what’s real between he and I.
I also don’t see what’s “real” most of the time, I think - the form is partly message, and partly what my brain can hold. After I watched The Witcher, he showed up a few times as that massive, spidery swamp creature, like a Kikimora (but Kikimora in Slavic lore are different). I never figured that one out though. Probably just a my-mind-playing-tricks thing. Not everything means anything important.

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Ok, no it’s what I’ve seen appear either through inner mind’s eye, or appear outside of me, on multiple occasions.

I get what you mean, but honestly, prior to this, I’d never heard of this aspect. I’d only ever known Beelzebub to either appear in humanoid form, as a male with long black hair, pale white skin, wearing a black leather outfit, or as some sort of weird creature, a bit like what you described, but wearing robes fit for a king (when I did the Rite of Becoming Dead).

Having just checked out a preview of the BALG Beelzebub Gatekeeper grimoire, I’ve noticed Beelzebuth is discussed in that grimoire. Funnily enough, some of the ones I’ve had to deal with in this situation called him Beelzebuth. For those of you who have worked with this aspect, how did he appear to you?