Beelzebub and healing

This probably isnt popular but i began working w Beelzebub and his healing aspect after he greatly relieved my covid symptoms. I was so impressed at the efficacy and speed he delivered that i desired nothing else than to have this power for myself. So, i signed a short term pact w the Lord of the Flies.

So far its all been UPG talking w him about sicknesses and what exactly is possible with this power until i signed the pact. Something that we discussed which i think is off the hook is being able to pull sicknesses out of people and trap it in a clear quartz, either to be buried or saved for curses.

Weve began thusfar w him giving me a personal sigil of his which can be used to evoke him and also has authority over illnesses and he taught me a preliminary enpowerment rite for healing.

Theres so much more info he gave me that i just couldnt write down, but in due time ill share these rites with you guys here. If anyone has experience w Beelzebub theyd like to share id love to hear it as im sure once the pact expires hes gonna be a main stay in my practice.


Is there anything „special“ you did to get his healing aspect?

I simply evoked him w his sigil and asked to be healed. After i signed my pact w him he gifted me a sigil for his healing aspect, which is also used to manipulate illnesses out of people drawn on the back of your hands.

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Super interesting. I have a weird relationship with him but I am always happy when people write something about him.


Indeed Beelzebub has a special atunning influence at middle body chakras like solar, heart and so on and in the middle is also where the Chi/qi energy is most concentrated and sent into the Meridians. If someone works properly with him indeed there are powerful healing rites.

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