Beehives connection?

So in the last 3 weeks ive been meditating on Belials sigil and his enn since he made contact with me through a dream and somehow there’s 5 beehives appeared on the balcony of my apartment (there used to be only 1 beehive months before I started meditating). Does it mean anything or is it just bees doing whatever they normally do? I dont know if its a sign of something or

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Well in ancient Egypt bees were sacred… The 'buzz ’ is analogous to te biolectricity within… That you can feel after deep meditation sessions


Yeah,he does the bug thing. It’s supposed to kick you out of your comfort zone. Big changes on their way. You might find gross stuff inside the hives, just don’t open them :stuck_out_tongue:

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Bees are not bugs. (on a lightnote though😈)