Beehard in Works of Darkness. Question for EA Koetting

Hi guys,

I am reading Works of Darkness and came across this entity at the top of page 94. In talking about the abilities of Demons, Koetting states,

“Some of the demonic powers listed are obvious and practical, like Beehard’s ability to bestow great wealth or Gulands power to cause all variety of disease.”

Naturally, I went straight to Google, then this forum and then Evocation magic to see if I could find this Beehard entity. Can’t find him anywhere.

Has anyone had any experience with him or can anyone tell me where I can find more info on him? I am not sure if EA talks about him again as I am only n page 94. Any help would be appreciated and will update if I see him mentioned again.


Bechard is a storm demon. I think E.A. said he brings wealth just for fun lol

Ah Ok lol! Thanks :slight_smile:

I spelt his name wrong, that is why. Duh lol