Bedtime Voices

I have the most annoying thing going on. It’s not frightening or dangerous i don’t think. When I’m trying to fall asleep I hear conversations. Like many different voices, some female, some male, sometimes children. It’s like chatter that usually makes no sense. Other times one word will be loudly whispered in my ear. I have no psychiatric illness, no drug use, alcohol, nothing. Happens when I’m lying awake in bed. Anyone ever experienced such a thing or anything similar?

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Yep, the scientific term is hypnagogic hallucinations, but the mental state you’re in while you’re hearing those voices is the Theta-Gamma Sync, so if you can keep a sliver of control while you fall into it you can do all sorts of fun things like talk to spirits and perhaps even astrally project. :+1:

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Happens to me too sometimes. I can also reproduce it with foam earplugs. After a while, with my hearing blocked, and meditating, I’ll start hearing real voices. Like chatter and sometimes it’s very close. Music too.

It could be a form of spontaneous astral projection, or could be your brain unloading some noise and winding down for the day. You spend your days interpreting stimuli, so could be your brain’s way of letting go for the night. Dunno.

… but it happens to me too. It’s so real. If I block my eyes and ears, I can start seeing the people talking sometimes, and feel them close by, almost as if we stood cheek to cheek.

I have actually seen the spirit- if indeed that’s what it was- via my third eye, but it was vivid and clear. I can’t remember what the spirit said, but that was the only time it was a distinct phrase. So will have to look into the astral projection thing, but I can do that by meditation. It would be interesting to do it while hearing these conversations. This also happens to my daughter when she stays the night here. Cool. Thanks

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