Becoming an excellent magician

I have an urge to become a good, an excellent magician. Particularly in terms of technical detail in ritual, manifesting the desired outcome per the ritual, and so on. In reading the description of Andras, he will slay the careless magician. So, that is all the more reason if I start working the Kabbalistic/Qlippothic pathworking and Goetic/Solomionic magic, or the works of E.A. So tips on how to be a great vs a careless magician?



Get a spirit ally and ask them to give you a familiar or two who will watch over you and warn you of any slips, carelessness, etc.


Don’t rush into things…patience

Study as many systems as you can, a well rounded education can ensure that you learn many things instead of just sticking to one path or system.

Learn some meditations and techniques to develop your astral senses so you can effectively see and hear demons and enhance any abilities to intuitively or psychically connect with them. Good communication will ensure you can give the demons what they ask for in return and actually know what they are saying to you.

Don’t dismiss anything as stupid or fake until you have tried it for yourself. Not everything works the same for all magicians.

If a spell or evocation fails the first few times, keep trying, don’t give up!

Learn divination techniques such as tarot, runes, pendulum, etc. They will help you understand what’s going on if you do a spell and are unsure if it really worked. They can tell you if it did or not and if you need to repeat it or just wait it out. And they can also tell you if a particular spell or evocation will not end good for you and to avoid it.


Research opposing views and make up your own mind.

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I am in your boat. I, too, want to be a good magician. I have a long way to go. The only good piece of information I have is “be patient”. And sure as hell be patient and learn before doing any baneful magick. I learned the hard way that carelessness will almost certainly get you metaphorically fucked up the ass like a 2 dollar whore.

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Magic is a lot like sex: you can do your research, read up on the positions, what fragrance turns people on, what toys to use, what’s taboo and what’s not, where to put this and where to put that; at the end of the day, though, your desire, your will, your drive, and your stamina win out… :v

So keep practising … And you will become a excellent magician for sure !