Becoming a living god then being reborn as one!

It occurs to me that this is quite doable.

What if…
What if you could go back and posses yourself in the past and impart all the magical wisdom you have gained in life, continue learning from that point, then at a certain age, do it again and again and again? not only becoming a Super magician but effectively immortal as well! re living your life and improving and perfecting it each time. Using Lord E.A as an example, you’ve seen his skill and power, now imagine it tenfold, A HUNDRED FOLD! A man who could make it rain gold coins at his pleasure or burning sewage at his anger just by wanting it! a man whom the very fabric of the universe obeys at his very whim! From what I know of Sorcery it is my PROFOUND belief this can be done! But should it? I mean our very purpose is to grow spiritually and in power to perfect our being. IT IS OUR FUCKING DUTY TO DO IT! Screw turning lead into gold, this very concept is the new food of the gods! I have new purpose now, to master the technique of temporal communication through time and become a god!


Did you say in another thread, if I understood it correctly, that if you were to go back in time to change an event you would then not know of having done so, that you would continue with your adapted future and that you would have no knowledge of the time travel or the life path you are on now?

I guess you could leave a post-it-note on the bathroom mirror suggesting to your new old self to come and read this thread so you could repeat the spell again. Just leave the note on the mirror each time lol.

If it sounds like I’m making fun out of what you say I’m not, it’s a fascinating concept.

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From what I’ve understood of Remote Viewers doing this, no, you retain all your memories, but the people around you change. It’s like you switched to a different universe where the probabilities fell differently, like a big mandela effect.

The best way to implement this is to work it forwards. When you face a big decision, set your intent that you will later work a ritual to send your past self a message for the best outcome. You MUST make sure you follow through and perform the ritual, although when you do that is not critical.


Yes I was thinking it’s like the multiverse thing and reality shifting, which I think is what we do each time we get intended results with magick.
Going back to the past to make changes is a bit of a mind blowing idea.


Right on, brother!

I support this 1000%

You know, there’s a technique in NLP where you rewrite your past to improve your present and your future.

“Changing your personal history”

You basically pretend you were more loved as a child, had more resources than you actually did when younger, were more capable earlier on, etc…

This does indeed have more effects in the here & now, especially when you do it under hypnosis.

You DO feel better in the present, for sure, maybe even show a few more capabilities with time.

But actually summoning or grounding to yourself across all time and space wasn’t necessarily part of this. Not intentionally, anyway. Nor are intentional time-bypassing forms of telepathy part of this NLP technique.

It’s sort of just thought of as a form of thought play that works in NLP. (Although Richard Bandler is secretly sort of “out there”, almost like we are here lol)

But what if you take it all dead seriously, and combine legitimate magick techniques? (Most of which you already seem to have well mastered!)

And combine the techniques of people really good at remote viewing and telepathy, like Russel Targ and @Mulberry talk about?

Then do it all recursively as you are suggesting??

Yeah, man, I think you add some serious gas to the fire! Napalm.

Very excited to see your experiments. Very excited!!

I hope you succeed, and I can save my son

Is it possible you can help me? Do you know of anywhere I could get more info or help about changing an event in the past? I’ve read and asked about so much different things including remote viewing but struggling to find answers. I’ve read and asked about different kinds of magick, astral projection, retropsychokinesis,timeline shifts and more and still don’t know where to start or if what I want to change is even possible. I’ve read a lot on this forum aswell, some people say it’s possible and others say it’s not. If there is any help or info you can give me it’d be so greatly appreciated.

It depends on what it is. If it’s a trauma that happened to you, it seems there’s more room to change it, as only you are really invested. If it’s an event with other people involve, then it takes more and gets harder. You basically have to change so much about your resonance that you end up in a timeline where it changed for not just you but all the changes required for those people around you, and that’s where it looks close to impossible.

There’s a story I saw of people waking up and massive changes exist, like they didn’t break up with a boyfriend or change job huge, but these are accidental, not on purpose. I’ve had accidental changes where something I bought is undone and I’m in a timeline where I never bought it, the transaction doesn’t exist in the bank, but I remember opening the packaging and storing it away, and it’s gone. Total accident, don’t have any idea why. I sound crazy I know.

Other stories coming from the time travel folks trying to make time machines speak of success moving through a few minutes, but then the ne person who was having success there disappeared. That’s interesting because of the sheer amount of energy it took, to create highly magnetic fields. I think that’s not the way to do it though.

The way to do it seems to be that you believe it so well that your entire being changes energy to a state where that is the truth. Not a belief, which is mere insanity, but it is the truth, and to accommodate that you are switched to a version of the probabilistic universe where it’s true. How to do that on demand is the question. And even with the answer I suspect t’s very very hard to accomplish.


Read Taylor Ellwood’s book Space/Time Magick. There is also an old anthology edited by Ellwood called Magick on the Edge (published by Megalithica Books, 2007) which has an article by DJ Lawrence called The Butterfly Effect. It has a ritual for changing the past.


Thank you so much for your reply. It is a big thing I’d like to change and involves other people too. It’s one of those situations where one thing happened then everything else kind of snow balled after it so there would be a lot of changes. The most frustrating part is I was getting warning dreams at the times I was about to make the wrong choices but didn’t understand them until it was too late.
That would be amazing although confusing aswell to wake up to huge changes like that. I’m always hoping for that. Wow that would feel so strange having something like that changed. No you don’t sound crazy not at all,I’ve read about things like that happening to people.
There seems to be a lot of people experimenting with time machines, the Steven gibbs hdr got a lot of interest but I agree I don’t think it’s the way to do it. I think if there is a way it is like you say you have to believe it’s true but yes even with the answer it’d be extremely hard. I’ll keep looking and trying things and hopefully one day I’ll succeed.

That’s brilliant thank you so much, I’ll have a look.

Change your past by sending a message to your past self about a specific event to avoid?