Becoming a Living God - The Journal

Greetings my fellow Mages!

Over the past few years, I have been in and out of this forum. For awhile, I was very active, but due to certain circumstances in life, I kind of fell away and have been less active recently.

Now, things have cleared up, and the time has come for me to get back to my dark path.

A short history on myself…I grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness. So, the foundations of my mind in this incarnation were always geared towards the light path, and I was strategically indoctrinated that it was Blasphemy and the worst possible thing, for anyone to claim inner divinity or God-hood, so I must admit that over the years, though I became pagan in my adult life, the concept of me claiming these things has been cringy and next to impossible.

Things have changed! Recently I have had a deep shift of paradigm and now, I am aware of the fact that indeed, Source has designed it so. That I am a microcosm of the macrocosm, that I am indeed a God, the God of my reality, and that through my occult/spiritual practices, I have the power to not only create, control, command, and manifest the world I wish to see, but also to evolve to higher levels.

I finally, after about 13 or 14 years of having left Jehovah’s Witnesses, can accept this idea and hold it within myself.

Now, this being said, I realize that it is a new revelation, and therefore, I must do a lot of work in my inner void to fully realize my potential as a Divine being.

(It’s hard to know my tone, due to the fact that you’re reading this instead of hearing my voice, but know that I am not being grandiose, haughty, delusional or anything of the sort. I am simply saying that I am embracing the nature of what this site and magick is all about – Becoming a Living God)

I’m starting this journal so that I can document my progress along the path as I truly Become a Living God.

My first command as God of my reality, is that I will be consistent and authentic with this journal and that it will be a guiding light and inspiration for others on their journey to becoming a God of their own reality.

– Baby Dragon (Divine Darkness)


My first step that I have identified on this journey, is to train my mind and consciousness to be more consciously aware of my Divine nature, and to align more deeply with said nature.

Ultimately, in order to be truly Divine, and live successfully from that place, awareness is critical, alignment is critical.

So, over the next two weeks, my primary focus will be on focusing my attention and awareness on my Divine nature, my higher self, etc…

I will be doing @C.Kendall meditation - Daily God-Self Assumption everyday for the next two weeks, and following up throughout the day, by constantly checking in with myself on what kind of thoughts I’m having, what I’m feeling etcc… to make sure that I am living from my God-Self and not my false personality structure.


Also, I encourage you all to interact with this. Ask me questions, give me insights/suggestions etc… Thank you

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Over the past 5 days, I have been doing @C.Kendall God Form Assumption meditation every morning.

I do it a little more ritualized, by lighting a candle and incense.

It has definitely been impactful on my mind, mood, week and emotions.

After doing this meditation, going through my day, I am much more aware of my higher self, much more able to be in a stable mood, and much more able to handle what comes at me during the day.

Today, when I was doing the meditation, as I got to the part where I stretch out my right hand, I repeated a mantra out loud to manifest my vision for the day, and as I repeated it, I began to see more things form in the darkness around me. I saw what looked like figures and other things beginning to be revealed, although it did not fully manifest.

I think over the next few days, as I continue to do this, it will likely all manifest. I wonder who they are.

The first 2 or 3 nights of this week, I played a shamanic drumming meditation as I laid down for bed. I fell asleep to this meditation and it played in my sleep.

I had journeys/dreams every night. I notice that they were of a darker nature. Not negative, per se, or nightmares, but definitely dark in nature.

I wrote them down, but I have to take time this weekend to try and dissect them, as I’m not sure their meaning.

After those few days, I stopped listening to it while I slept, because it kept causing me to wake up around 2:30am and I need to get more rest.

I have been researching the figure of Baphomet lately.

After doing my God Form Assumption ritual this morning, I asked my divine self to reveal to me who Baphomet is.

This is what I was given:

“Baphomet is the divine union of opposites. It would be the image of God, if God could have an image. It is a powerful symbol to have before you, for the mind understands symbolism, even if the ego doesn’t. The Baphomet would be the perfect representation for the higher self (the God self) because it represents all in one, just as you are all in one. It is the image of the higher self, since truly the Source can have no image.”

So, taking this in, I will approach the Baphomet as a powerful representation of my true, Dark Divine self. I do know, however, that this being, the Baphomet, is it’s own entity as well, even if just the dark self projected, because I have felt its powerful dark energy before. So maybe…He is the Dark God of the Higher Self? Something like that…