Become the monster, a message from Satan

Why you hide beneath the mask of Civility?

You already know that you want to embrace the primal, terrifying, monster that lies just beneath the surface. Scratching to get out. This is the adversarial Force, this is the force then refuses to bow, that refuses to submit, at 100% is against everything that makes you the non productive working drone and you have been forced into.

Close your eyes, see yourself as the monster, see yourself as Jason Voorhees with the machete, stalking through the woods. See yourself as the Faceless man in the overalls with a large butcher knife, stalking down your hapless prey. See yourself as, and it shall be.

Allow yourself to lose control, allow yourself to snap, allow the inner Fury that you have hidden for so long to come to the surface doing your rituals, allow that spinning sensation in your mind to take hold, and just ride the wave. Screaming, punching and kicking, stabbing into a fetish item with unbridled hatred as you allow that energy to be transformed from a bottled up, sealed away emotion, until one of the most effective forms of spell-casting that you of ever utilized.

Make no mistake, this is the form of spellcraft that is the most dangerous, as it does take your mind into a direction that you are not used to going. This is the type of spell work in which the beings that you call upon are supremely overcharged, and they carry out your will with absolutely devastating precision.

Allow yourself to lose control, utilize your will, your emotions, utilize that insanity that comes from working with the spirits to allow yourself to hit a peak, and dump that energy into your rituals.

Hail Satan, and thank you for the message


Definitely needed this. Thanks for sharing!

This tells me I was correct about certain things , thank you.