Become Black Sulfur

Black Sulfur.

White sulfur in combination with mercury is the beginning, it is the spirit of life boiling within the solar core. Red sulfur is the second component of sulfur, if white sulfur is the life and creative element. Red sulfur is the violent destructive nature of sulfur it is total obliteration and destruction.

We must bask in the red sulfur, to destroy the finite microcosm. The white sulfur is then employed, for man once destroyed in red sulfur is without form.

The white sulfur is then employed to resurrect the finite microcosm of man, to become the macrocosm to become the eternal embodied.

The combination of red and white sulfur, is the action of shiva destroying all before him, then the forces of creation recreate the reality in a perfect form.

The combination of both nature’s of sulfur, is then called ‘Black Sulfur’. In order to become truly eternal the magician must keep going through the process of black sulfur.

Destroying what needs to be destroyed to then be resurrected again, then destroyed again to be resurrected again.

With each destruction and ressurection the self becomes closer to perfection, with each death.
You shred assets of your weakness, limitation, with each death one link of the chain placed upon the godself is destroyed.

All links must be destroyed upon the chain, like the script of the universal circle states.

“700 years to bind the name of God in chains”.

When in the circle we become one with the eternal, however our true nature is to become the circle not just sit in it.

Break the chains which constrain the inner god/goddess. Do so we must constantly go through the process of black sulfur, each time we go through it, we get one step closer to our true nature.



Is that from your Archaelous thread?

Anyways, I really really feel this post. You are always on point.