Become A Living Yu-Gi-Oh!: Mastering The Deck


In this imma Disclose a technique i used to get a magical organisation (whom i will not name, but is very well known for their Satanic-Nazi beliefs) off my back.

Also…you can take this same technique and Bind Gods, Demons, Angels, and Servitors/Familiars to it.

The Deck

● Get a Deck of Playing cards and consecrate it As if you are consecrating a Tarot Deck. Push your Energy, Will, Power into it and pass it over a candle flame, slightly tinging it.

● Pick a Card, Any card :sunglasses::wink:

● Write on the front of it, the name of The Demon or entity you want bound to it and for what purpose (i.e. “Eye Of Shiva-Destruction”, etc)

● Get representations of the Four elements and Place them around the Card (Dirt, Incense or cigar, bowl of water, Candle flame)

● Evoke and Conjure the Name of the Card and bind it to the card with the four Elements.

● Place the Card Back in the Deck.
Note: You can do this for Lust, Love, Money, Etc

The Magical Trap Card

I had a Reading done on me where the Diviner said that a group that i left was spying on me magically and hindering my efforts at Ascent.

I took a 4 of Hearts (4 of Cups, Water) playing card and wrote the name of the Demonic Guardian of (Insert Name of Occult Group) on the front of it and consecrated it.

Placing the Card in the center of the Circle, I evoked the Demon and Commanded that said occult lodge be destroyed from my Life and removed.

Then I placed the Card in my Wallet.

No more interference from That group :joy::metal::metal::metal:
That was around 2 months ago and I had forgotten about it.



Neat idea. I might have to try it. I wonder if you could actually enchant Yu-Gi-Oh cards, too.

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Lol yes you can. Youre enchanying them with a spirit but you can do so with an energy too

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Cool. There’s an awful lot of binding cards in that game that could be useful.

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