I was during a evocation of spirit whose mostly is associated with beauty I wont disclose her name at less not yet.

And i got the thinking wouldn’t be cool if all this is possible I KNOW ITS NOT BUT ITS GOOD TO DREAM

The following

Transcendent beauty
Supernatural beauty
Hypernatural beauty
Meganatural beauty
Ultranatural beauty
Absolute beauty
Supreme beauty
Almighty beauty
Transends omnipotence
Transsends power itself
Hypreme beauty and sexiness, appeal etc. she these the ones ive listed. The user is Terrifying to look at Obviously in a great sense. She said they cant even be described by incomprehensible or Undefinable or even NOTHINGNESS and thats just the tip of the iceberg. They make omnipotents and just all even the eternal source fall head over heals if the eternal source was a being and thats still nothing. At these levels the user cant even defined as being or a non being. And they would have things beyond talents that not even omnipotence itself deserves to see yet alone pay for which cant be beyond priceless and then some. And the user or creator can be very creative and even beyond and so on with how they want to look and user is not subjected to look or even beyond looks itself . Saying the user has infinite or beyond looks is an understatement. In fact just one form has infinite looks and beyond and even this is nothing.

Example: the user maybe may have limitless morningstars as eyes that could make divine not human but divine almighty omnipotent gold,diamonds,precious stones,minerals, crystals and even beyond these things and even look like just nothing and thats still not even the beginning

And there are things that differs completely from beauty itself that would make beauty look like the ugliest thing ever. I.e things that would differ completely from features or transcendent features.

And beauty and sexy etc is a sphere that is beyond limitless the ones ive listed above are just infinitesimally particals of atoms , specks. Of forever greater things.

This is just fiction nothing serious but how do you think you and humanity or all species would react to such a being with kick ass personality to match with such things.


To truly harness this beauty you speak of one would have to be some sort of shape shifter not physically but everyone’s perception of them must be altered.

Not everyone has the same idea of what they perceive as beautiful.

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WTF !!! All this beauty which is for some reason same as Omniscience- omnipotence, Cosmic stuff !!!. Believe me, at the end of the day the only question which matters is ‘’ Does she swallow ? ‘’

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