Bear Witness To This Shit

I already made my Declaration to the Spirits in my Own heart and Mind, now Im making it to this fuckin World and All beyond it…
I dont need no fuckin validation from yall, i just need witnesses to do their fuckin Job and bear witness:

I dont give a fuckabout any bullshit this world or the next throws at me and Whether they use Gods, Angels, Demons, or Human to do it. Fuck ya curses, spells, blocks, and anything else your fuckin puny mind can conjure.

I am a Living God and Devil at the same fuckin time. I will dominate this earth and every force in it. I will manifest the shit I desire and will kill all opposition in my way.

I dont care if its a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or what. If they get in my way, I willkill them.

I pick up my Work with the Dark Gods, Kalfu, and The Death Gods again. Necromancy, Evocation, My projects…everything.
I will not fall behind again.
Fuck the frustration.
Fuck the complaining.
Fuck the repetitive bullshit.

I will not fail or falter and i shall set out to accomplish what I will.

Even if i have to destroy the universe and Re arrange the Planets to do it!!!
IWill. Not. Lose.

So it is, And will be.



Just saying that timing tho

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Ikr @RiseorDie XD

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Damn. If I had even half your passion I would be unstoppable. I look forward to reading about any progress :blush:.

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