Be nice to Newbies

Thank you. So do I . I feel I can relate to Vanessa Ives. I love her


A strong Luciferian principle is only giving help to those that are willing to help themselves. I stopped offering advice when said person just wanted to light a candle and lie in their own mess for an eternity with no motivation.

That guy reminded me of the old joke where a man is cursing God for not making him win the lottery after years of trying and God’s reply was ‘meet me halfway, buy a ticket’ .


God and lottery ticket :grin: we’ve the exact same story here where I live :clap::clap: :clap:
When simple praying doesn’t pay off then it is time to step up.


I try to help new occultists in any way I can,I also try to be nice,I got annoyed once when a guy asked me „Where can I find a book that has a ritual to summon Nergal“ but I stayed nice,other than that one time I never got annoyed,I enjoy helping people in any way I can

Also,if you are a fool or a newbie,you are a good magician,because a magician is always starting new paths,new journeys,exploring new things,and as long as you breath,you are a fool,and even after you die you will try to explore new things,or at least try to

So keep exploring new things in magick,always be a fool in a way

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@Borgy - yes horsies have hooves and no we aren’t nice if we are told to poop advice and then have it thrown back at us because it involves getting off bum and doing something in partnership with an entity.

You know yesterday’s young person was almost 30 according to his/her profile? Yep. I thought from the responses we were dealing with someone half that age.


Kick in the ass is a step forward :wink:
We all have our threshhold of tolerance.
On BALG you can find almost everything and if they can’t find it then there is almighty Google :smiley:

I agree with this, i feel however there’s two different newbies (seeing as i’m one myself lol!) ones that are actually looking to inquire answers and others who are in all honesty just taking the piss.
in personal expirance, ive made a lot of mistakes and maybe said or did the wrong thing but there’s a big difference in constructive criticism and just being a dickhead.
I’m glad that this forum is filled with a lot of level head, like minded people and those who do give me a hard time i know it is just for the better of my own magick and the forum.
So keep up the good work, coming for a newbie the information is still very useful!


I know that you frequent other sites and you have similar interests to mine, there is a difference between someone who takes the time to actually read what the mods send you, use search, mighty google etc, lurks to figure out how the site operates and someone who is “I’m here now, tell me everything, I don’t have time or inclination to, do this, that, I am special…” and treats people like a version of SIRI or ALEXA.

You are fine.

There is a wonderful thing I found “Magick does not fix stupid”, so when you have someone who is intransigent in their belief, expects a guarantee of success based upon a YouTube video, doesn’t give details of the ritual and then starts kicking off non-magickal solutions are offered.

You might be making mistakes but you are learning from them, we all learn. My responses might not be the nicest ones sometimes, I acknowledge that - I guess that like others I don’t have time to chat or play scenario or 20 questions.

I recently put a question into the lounge because I didn’t want it to become a chat, or just end up nonsensical. I sometimes think newbies come on site because they are bored, or they expect magick to solve their life problems, or mental health issues and it’s not healthy for us either.

One of the things I really want on this site is the option to follow and to ignore people, I know that sounds horrible but I have already tried to mute certain categories but some won’t post in the right category. Then there is the title and crying wolf issue - URGENT love issue - please, you know that nothing is 100% guaranteed and certainly not within a time frame unless you have specifically agreed this with the entity.

I don’t know, I now feel even less inclined to help because of that person’s reaction towards a Goetic who is as @Borgy pointed out extremely helpful to those in need.


i can understand the frustration! this forum is filled with a lot of beautiful people and i know sometimes i catch people on their bad days :> love this forum for what it is, everyone here has helped me a lot!


I love the way you see it and it’s still the way I want to see it. I think we did catch the OP on a bad day because of frustration on his current situation and I will try to help him a bit in the right direction. Only because he did come back and I really think he needs some help.

I do understand frustration of other Magicians because the way he reacted. Besides of the gentle kick in the ass, there where some good tips to learn from and if you react that you don’t care, you won’t get support.

Take care @killua


i completely agree, maybe when he is more level headed he can come back and read everyone’s advice and move towards a more positive change seeing as everyone here is seeking answers but also doing their best to help people when they are in crisis.
I’m glad you shared your information, and also gave advice even if the OP wasn’t in the right mind to take the information you provided.
i hope that the incounter didn’t put a bad taste in your mouth, seeing as i am a newbie myself and want to absorb as much information from expiranced magicians like yourself!
thank you for doing what you did although the OP may have not accepted your advice whole heartedly!


Thank you for your positive feedback, it keeps me going forward in my goals. Learning myself and share my knowledge with new people.


@Borgy I, for one…and I’m unanimous in that, really like your posts. Feel free to kick my ass anytime if you think I need it. Just don’t use steel tipped shoes. I like that.

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I just want to say, if you think something is not helpful and is being mean, flag it using the flag icon underneath the three dots at the bottom of each post … and this will notify Staff to take a look. Usually things can be sorted with a friendly chat, and your identity will not be disclosed.

This forum is designed for member-moderation so everyone on here is both tasked with keeping standards high, and confident they have the same protection, new or old. :+1:


Many thanks @Marak, this encourages me to look at new topics. Have a wonderful evening!


A few words from mine regarding this:

Newbies are treated with a welcoming atitude, by most expierienced members i know.
Sometimes they’re given the Knowledge of 10 books within a couple of sentences.

Restriction on Necromany - i think that’s necessary.
You wouldn’t hand a loaded gun to a 10 year old saying “Here’s a new toy for you, have fun.”.
And Necromancy is exactly that! And more.
With Internet anonymity it could actually be a 10 year old, sitting in front of a mobile phone or tablet, heck even a TV, nowadays, who just stumbled upon the stuff and can’t evaluate the dangers involved.
So in that regards, i actually have to protect the sorcery community, regardless if it’s this site or somewhere else.

Then, i noticed with some post’s that came up from newbies, that simple questions like “what’s your goal, what do you need the spell / ritual to adress”, are ignored, even when they come up from several people who actually try to answer an unclear question.

Asking for the Introduction, and use of Seurch function is actually in favor of the newbies, since both lead to more welcoming reactions along the conversations, as well as answering them questions they haven’t even considered asking.

In many cases, that study makes the people more advanced by itself, and leads to discussions which are valuable for all people involved.

regarding the bashing - i wouldn’t say it’s non existend, nor would i say it’s limited to newbies only.
It’s been a problem on Balg forum sometimes, and i honestly think that’s partly becouse of the immense amount of trauma, shock, devastation, etc. which can be caused by reading expieriences from people who are working with beings which are forbidden in many other communities.

Many Grimoires have been said to be causing insanity when read without preperation.
And to a degree, that counts for our forum aswell, since it’s just simply more then some can comprehend.
Which is partly due to expieriences being shared which are gained by exactly such Grimoires.

There are white magick sections which include workable material, but let’s be honest, sometimes people are drawn towards the dangerous stuff becouse it sounds cool from a distant perspective.

I do think it’s valuable you shared your concerns, Jastiv.
And i also want people to be encouraged to tread each other well.
Newbies as well as people who worked with the material and had their results.

I hope this helps to close the gap a little bit and bring some peace back into the discussions.

But don’t be fooled by the fact that some people clean up mess, to assume there wouldn’t be any.




I agree with what being said here, I read tons of stuff on here take note sonetines I post and sometimes I don’t, mostly because I want to try what ever advice I’ve read try it and then I’ll have something interesting to say lol!
I’ll be honest I’m working my butt off to read on here from you guys so thank u for that and various books) and learn and obv I’ve found so much down to interpretation and the energy and most of all respect for the entity that your trying to summon/ request help / information from. I think a lot of people want an instant solution to every problem in their life, this ain’t Harry Potter ‘oculus repairo’ yay my glasses r fixed! This all takes hard work and dedication. Don’t get me wrong I love it but at times I feel knackered and Beliail gets me up between 3 and 4 every morning! It’s a bit like being in the army and he’s my drill Sargent! Good job I love him and know he’s trying to make me stronger every day by being regimental with me. anyway sorry for that little rant, I just think at times people need to understand it all takes effort. Sorry I’m not normally so snarky lol but just needed a vent lol Angel x


Main problem about newbies is that they ask the same questions or the dumbest shit ever like “I wanna turn into superman” lmao… There is literaly 100s of posts made on magick guides well suited for newbies…they just need to dig deep that’s all… When I was a newbie (still am tbh haha) I did get some support from a fellow member(if ur reading this ur the best haha) but honestly looking back this forum is a hidden tressure! You don’t need any books or stuff as such(in most cases for me) because if you can dig deep enough you can find even the most advanced magick stuff here…if a newbie is really determined to get into this stuff he will eventually find every information he/she needs


The thing with books is they’re something to pass on to others and work with.
Of course learning from those who actually do the craft is benefitial.

Yeah true books are good… my point is that you can acquire basic knowledge to become atleast a basic magician from these forums :upside_down_face: lol I hope I didn’t make my comment sound like I hate books or something haha

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