Be nice to Newbies

I’ve noticed an awful lot of newbie bashing in the last few days. I know sometimes newbies post things that seem annoying or repetitive, and it can feel frustrating when they didn’t read all the rules before they came and posted here. But I want to point out a few things about this community that are different from many other forum communities that may cause some confusion for new members.

  1. The intro thread. I understand it was implemented for a reason, and I don’t have any problem with it, however, we should be aware that this is a rule specific to these forums and not found in most other internet communities.
  2. The guideline about doing a search before you ask a question and the fact that thread necromancy is permitted (and even encouraged). I understand that we are talking about bleeding edge occult practices here, compared to some other places that like to stick to the things by the medieval or even earlier book, so even some post from the beginning of this forum is going to seem brand new and even controversial in a more mainstream magical community.
    Remember, everyone here was once a newbie too, even if it was many lifetimes ago.

This is true, however being nice to “Newbies” does indeed mean helping them understand the forum and how it functions. So telling them about the Intro thread and about the search features and explaining why their post (which could be a question asked 20 times already) was ignored is necessary. We’ve gotten those ranting posts of “why don’t you guys answer me! You’re all mean!” when we don’t explain their question is the 20th incarnation.

It’s rough being in a new environment with a forum of strangers but if they decide to become antagonistic about how the forum works it is no longer a newbie needing help, it becomes no different than any other person being rude.


I do believe all the “newbie bashing” I’ve seen happens after members stick to the same “use the search icon” or “introduce yourself” speeches. I don’t think anyone has bashed anyone else for simply asking questions. It’s just that there seems to be more and more newbies coming in and demanding services or answers or even straight up saying they don’t want to do the work.

Also, there are so many threads being created about blood, pacts, marriage and communication to spirits it does make even the most patient member want to hurl death curses… But make no mistake. Everyone is passionate about their craft. And as I said, I’ve never seen any newbie bashing going on that wasn’t provoked by the newbie. Not saying it is justifiable, but it is at least understandable and dare I say, relatable.


I completely agree, I don’t think anyone is here to be mean but I am new and lurked for a while, it is made very clear to introduce yourself before doing other posts so I don’t see anyone being mean by pointing that out. Yes I was negative towards the Order of Witchcraft dude but he was excessively rude to members first by alleging no one here could really do magick. You get what you put out to people. Instant Karma so to speak.


I don’t believe I’ve seen newbie bashing, I’ve only seen members becoming frustrated when a newbie says:

. “Tell me how to do it.” (When in the same topic, someone has already answered this and provided them with the relevant link).

. “How do I do X, Y, Z?” (Normally I’ve only seen frustration when this is the 10th time a newbie has asked this).

I mean, it is hard to be patient when you provide answers to a question, but the question keeps getting asked. Sometimes in numerous posts.

The introduction is just mandatory. It’s not optional. For all we now, that newbie could be a hacker, or someone who knows a member in their personal life, and is out to expose them.

I don’t know, I haven’t seen newbie bashing myself, but I have seem newbies insulting members.


Lately I have very positive experience with newbies. Yes, I pick the ‘really want to learn’ guys or girls from the ‘I don’t want to do anything, want results now’ and I really get them somewhere. After a while I see positive results. They learn. And that’s pretty cool :slight_smile:


Yep, difference was I lurked for 2 weeks to understand how the fuck the site worked before I signed up and I didn’t expect people to entertain me or be my friends or spoon feed me. Some turn up and expect instant platinum demon express card service drop everything I am here you must answer my question "there’s this boy at school " oh I’m so important BS - recently one told us that they were far too busy to use search but spent enough time typing and asking questions.

There is your answer.

That is why I as a practitioner of 37 years am a bit pissed off with a 13 year old self entitled wannabe who can’t be asked to get off his/her/xe arse and do the work.

You want to spend your time money and resources, be my guest.


personally i’ve seen a lot of negative comments on this forum and i actually refrained from posting for a while so i completely agree!


Haven’t seen anything like this, but I have seen newbies been rude as hell and demanding like we’re their servants or something.

Nothing is “annoying”. Repetitive yes. That, can be annoying. Especially when the same person opens 10 threads for the same reason. Or when the search function is few inches above their nose and they don’t use it. And no, the “maybe there is a new insight” is not an excuse. :roll_eyes:
For example, in questions about law you know the answer will always be Belial before anything else. Its been in multiple threads already. Same question, same answers. What could possibly have changed within 10 days since the last thread about the same topic…? Belial stopped caring about the legal issues…? He decided to move to a different category…?

I didn’t read all the rules as well. In fact I didn’t even knew about the introduction rule, and DarkestKnight caught me :joy: But instead of ignoring the instructions, like many newbies are doing, I made my intro post asap before anything else. I was willing to follow the rules. That’s the difference.

And both your following points are things I have seen in many other communities so I don’t see what’s the weird thing about them. Introduce yourself and search before you ask. Simple things, really…


But but but mom,I have one more question and that question has 250 subquestions :joy:
Goddammit :angry::angry::angry::angry:


The what if scenarios - sure - I suggest Excel.


The answer is:




My main gripe towards the newbies is the ever-present love spell question.

Either that, or the Newbie that jumps on here screaming for us to fix all their problems, as if we don’t have lives of our own, and we’re all just sitting around waiting to grant wishes.

My absolute favorite type that comes on here, is the Newbie that summon the high-level entity, it is now freaked out that high-level shit is happening in their life.

But I have to back off, because I remember I used to do that shit too.


I haven’t seen a singe case of this “newbie bashing”, can you quote any specific examples?

Being rude or swearing at someone is against the rules, and if you have a problem with a post you should flag it for a moderator to address. There is a process available for you to follow.

I was/am new, I got the same message I see everyone getting. I didn’t take it personally or decide I was a special snowflake that shouldn’t be asked to follow the rules.

It’s not helpful for the forum to repeat the same information when an existing thread could be improved. It’s not good for newbies to be trained to expect to be spoon fed when they need to learn they can help themselves.

Letting users know an issue had been discussed here already and how to find it is NICER than I am - I IGNORE them because I hate repeating myself and I think people should know how to learn and how to internet. Also, if they had even read 5 posts or taken any time to get to know the forum before putting the hand out they’d already know this.

So you’re actually complaining that people are being helpful and telling the users how to take part on this forum.

You know, on the other side, it would be nice if people could show some responsibility and independence instead of just barging in and asking to be handed the same info repeated just for them, mentoring, custom tailored answers on a plate, free, with no effort given on their part. That happens.
But do you see the older members complaining about entitled newbies? No.

You want to see it done better? - show us, you go ahead and use all your PC phrasing just the way you think newbies should be helped. You Google and search for them and you spoon feed them. Instead of telling others we’re doing it wrong, how about you step up and lead by example? Hmn? No? Didn’t think so.


I agree. People have got to learn how to do things by themselves when they come here and want to change something in their life.


I haven’t seen this yet… I have noticed there is a few newbies who post the same question 4 or 5 times asking for a random spell to kill an ex and all his family,with no reasoning or sense which blows my mind.
It would be enough to annoy regulars. I am a newbie to the forum and I love it here


The joy of Satan .org site gets the same low level people that wants someone to wave the magic wand for them and make it all better for them.and you can tell from what they have asked that they have not lifted one brain cell to work it out for themselves they want everyone else to bail them out those people should be ignored only because in their selfishness if they managed to get any power at all they would be dangerous to everyone they know and cause havoc for no other reason than they can.
People should spend weeks studying these type of sites to work out how it works and when you do you get the idea if you were going to ask a stupid question or not there are so many of the young snowflake people who have been told at school the world is their oyster they believe it. Welcome to the real world hard studying is the only way to better your self and remember what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger Best of luck to all genuine newbies and wish you a long and happy magickal life Hail Satan.


I love your choice for your avatat, love that show!


When I joined the forum as a newbie earlier in the year I felt accepted and encouraged to learn and grow. I feel fortunate to have received guidance from some of the best. Guidance that I’m following to slowly advance.

Every forum has its own culture and pecking order. It was up to me to figure that out by paying attention to how things are done. It only took me 2 days to figure out that @Lady_Eva is the Queen of the Forum. Long live the Queen!

BALG is in a class all it’s own in my opinion. There are some FB forums for beginning black magic and spells that are ruthless at times. Someone posts and everyone else piles on to criticize and discourage the person from ever posting again. That’s sad!

BALG is never boring. Some of the stuff you guys share scares the Hell out of me with the thought of trying it myself. I must be a sicko though because I can’t stop reading and loving it.

You guys rock! You’re scary at times, but you rock.


Let’s note my experience of yesterday here. It was a bit frustrating even for my patience.

I saw an OP saying something about Bune and yeah, I’ve see some peoples reactions are more frustrating then others.

But besides pointing in right direction, giving many tips, almost everybody saw the last reaction of the OP. Even then I’ve tried to be nice and point out Magickal solutions but for now it seems pointless.

Sometimes to trigger people, they need a kick in the ass to awake and get that fire back.
I have learned many things here and discovered the sparkle of experienced members and the will here to learn new people new skills. But you have to show that you want to learn. For example by sharing progress and asking new things.

If that isn’t there I cannot help you. And believe me if we don’t be a bit harsh then for example Lucifer will be much more harsher. One time I asked him ‘so I still need to work with you?’ and he threw my clothes of the couch. I laughed a bit and then I said. ‘I get it’ . And because I never ever give up he sees the humor of it too. But if you fuck around oh my you’re in for a surprise.