Be kind to Spirits

I’m sensitive to man-produced (artificial, you could say) electronic energy. This includes lights. I noticed that spirits are also sensitive to the lights and it can even hurt them. My room gets visited by spirits occasionally. I seem to be a natural magnet to spirits. I always ask if I can sense a spirit in my room if I can turn on the light if I need it. Usually they say it’s okay and their power noticeably diminishes or becomes protective but it doesn’t affect them enough to have to go away. Tonight I asked a wandering spirit if I can turn the lights on and he said no. He have been trying to hide from the Christmas lights outside and ended up in my room. I ushered him into the closet because I needed to get in my room to find my phone charger. I closed the closet door and when I had my hands free I turned off the light and told the spirit that he could get out of the closet. He thanked me for my thoughtfulness and now that some of the lights are turned off he left with less worry.

Lesson one; kindness goes a long way, even to a spirit you don’t know.

Lesson two; if you ever need to banish a baneful spirit, turn on the lights first to see if they get scared or hurt.

And yes, there are such things as wandering spirits. Typically they are the dead who have suffered too much to rest in one place or they a nature spirit who is too weak, too disturbed or are uninterested in the investment of maintaining a natural territory. They have the power to grant wisdom and control raw, death or elemental energy (depending on what they once were or how they were born). I think the one I mentioned was a spirit of the dead, but I couldn’t tell if he was an unlucky human or an animal. Probably a human since there was a recent car crash in the area that affected the electricity (I don’t know if anyone died in the crash but he was afraid of lights so it might explain this). I kinda hope this spirit will find a place among his new world.


Yeah you are right, spirits are extremely sensitive to light. There is a reason why some children are afraid of monsters in the darkness but not in light…
Light, sunlight, energy, general noise in the environment. Spirits can be really sensitive of that… at least in my experience…
I hope he finds a safe place too :skull: