Battle for life

I’m currently in constant battle, since at least 2 weeks directly protecting my mum from multi-organ failure and working towards her healing.

She’s having Cancer,
blood poisoning,
organ failure in gallblader, liver, kidneys…

Her skin was completely bright yellow when she got into hospital,
where for 10-12 days, she’s not even gotten full medical treatment,
on “regular station”.

She’s been transfaired to intense care,
where finally they started really treating the amount and severety of the diseases.

To make that one thing clear:

I don’t want to hear any version of:
“just let her go.”

I know, she’s in this state due to Astral consequences for magick i casted,
and i’ve actually asked for this healing to take place.

It’s part of a Mass-Evokation, transformative rite.

So, there’s a complete ARMY of Angels (air and fire),
working on it.

Belial even became super cool and nice,
and told me to banish him,
when he felt my dad being insulted by his presence.

What i do need to get off my chest:

barely anyone outside of magick could even belief what’s going on here.

She’s been almost over the brindge of death several times during the hospital time,
my dad my family, i with my whole godhood…

There’s tons of people standing her side,
and making sure she’s getting better.

However, we’ve had so much effort going in already…

It’s hard to keep focus.

Even with So ham Akal.

Even aware of Eternity…

Last time i had a family member sick with Cancer,
i wasn’t able to prevent that death completely,
but at least managed to move her savely into a new incarnation.

I’ve reached confirmation about her re-incarnation,
and even met her in person since she came back.

However, it came with a huge price,
and harmed my family over all,
to get her a new body.





Man, it’s so sad to read that what you and your family experience now, I even can’t imagine how hard it can be for you all. I would like to offer any help in healing, but i never did such thing in magick.


don’t worry, Seraph, Raphael is a constant companian on her side by now.

I sigilized the whole hospital,
after i had watched her secound “i’m not sure wether i wake up tomorrow” stands…

Ophian Aids me and my dad replenshing after massive Reiki (Life energy gifts).




check hent’yos from the book of azazel
i and her healed my mother’s pain from the toenail fangus

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i am sad for you,stay strong know it can change
transform worries and pain into heal,extiguish the fire with fire


fungus is assumed to induce the multi infection and blood poisoning.

i’ll definately check it out.

Thank you,





One quick question before I go. I notice Pazuzu’s sigil there. How is he connected to this by chance?

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Pazuzu i tried to work with at the time,
and half of the Angel Army that’s on the rite,
is Air-Elemental.

I’m Air Elemental by birthsign.

I got a direct physical manifested sign from The Air,
by one of the Birds living next to my house,
flying into my kitchen, which is in the secound floor - the bird came through the door!

and dying there, after it had hit his head on the window.

But not just that, it all happened exactly the moment we went to go to my mum,
which at that moment had asked for her husband to come,
and say goodbye to her,
because she thought she’s about to die within the next few hours.

I’ve been fighting death off of her several times now,
it starts to get exhausting.



My sister just pointed towards this.



Today, Easter weekend Saturday 20.04.2019,
The hospital told us, that we are loosing the battle.
All effort going into it,
Still seems not to save her and get her back to well.

So she’s probably dying within the next few days…



Yesterday, she actually Died.

at 13 o clock.

I’ve lost the battle,
shortly after Lorkriel aproached me on behalf of Abud 'al shahir sahim Malik.

They offered to help and aid making her mind more stable,
and overcome those fears.

exactly those fears took her out,
so she died right as they were tackeling that specific problem,
and trying to solve it.

Thank you towards all whom helped and tried to steer the boat into the right direction.

@Lady_Eva Please close this Topic.




I am sorry for your loss, my friend.

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I am sorry, dear


I am so sorry for your lost.


So very sorry.

Topic closed as requested.